Avon Lake Girl Scout’s Gold Award Project Targets Crosswalk Safety and Awareness

Abby Green at the crosswalk at the intersection of Lake Rd. and Rt. 83

Avon Lake High School senior, Abby Green, 17, saw a problem and set out to find a solution. Back when she was a fifth-grader in the district, she wanted to bike to school, but couldn’t without an adult as traffic on the main roads in town is heavy. When she stood at the crosswalk, cars would speed past and no one would stop to let her across. Fast forward to now….her scout project, which is threefold, targets crosswalk safety and awareness.

She has been working on her Gold Award since August 2018 and recently completed her service project targeting crosswalk safety and awareness (Gold Award is the highest honor for a Girl Scout and is the equivalent of the Eagle Scout award for boys).

She presented her plans to Avon Lake City Council in hopes city leaders would add room in the city’s budget for more solar powered LED crosswalk signs. When activated, these signs flash LED lights to alert drivers that a pedestrian is waiting. She also worked with Councilman David Kos, head of the city’s Safety Committee, to formulate a presentation and carry this project through. This year, Avon Lake City Council will be spending $27,950 on new Solar Powered LED Crosswalk Signs.

The second part of the project consisted of filming, editing, and producing three public service announcement videos (links below) that were posted on the city’s Facebook, Twitter, and closed circuit television station. These videos provide messages to keep both the driver and pedestrian safe.

Finally, she educated younger children about the importance of crosswalk safety, giving the seven steps to remember before crossing the street. She spoke with several daycare classes, gave information to the Avon Lake City Schools Superintendent and building principals to use when school starts, and hosted an event for Daisy and Brownie scouts.

Links to Abby Green’s Public Service Announcements:

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