Avon Place Nurse Honors Residents Through Art

Nursing is a calling that goes beyond the physical care of patients for Avon Place LPN Brittany Robertson.

She is also an artist who honors of lives of the patients and families she serves by creating portraits of residents that become priceless family keepsakes.

“I’ve been interested in art my whole life,” says Brittany, who was inspired by an old photograph in a patient room to do something special for those she cares for.

“I love old portraits. My first patient was Eileen – a resident here. She had an old picture of herself in her room. I wanted to do something special for her and her son. Her son is a very kind man who always went out of his way to thank you. So I wanted to do something special for him.”

So, in her personal time away from her nursing duties, Brittany lovingly created a portrait based on the old photograph as a model.

The project was gratefully received by Eileen’s family. It has led to Brittany moving forward with portraits of other residents.

“I like the families to know that their loved ones are our loved ones. It’s not just a job for us,” says Brittany. “I think about them all day and also when I go home.”

Brittany has been with the Cardinal Care Management group, which operates Avon Place, for 10 and a half years. She has been at Avon Place for a year and half.

“Brittany is just a very special person,” says Activities Director Darleen Perry. “She started out as an STNA and went on to earn her nursing credential, which really takes a lot of commitment and perseverance.”

Brittany started out 10 years ago in the kitchen at Riverview Pointe then went on to work as a Therapy Technician. She went on to work as an STNA at Riverview & Avon Place until becoming an LPN.

Brittany’s drive originates in the compassion she brings to her profession – an imperative of care evinced by her patient portraits.

“It was the picture I saw of Eileen in her room that inspired me,” said Brittany. “I love old photographs and it motivated me to get back into my artwork.”

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