Big News! Stomp the Triceratops Makes Tri-C Debut

College’s First Costumed Mascot Takes First Steps on Campus

The first costumed mascot at Tri-C®, Stomp the Triceratops, made a much-anticipated debut this week at both the Metropolitan Campus and Westshore Campus in Westlake.

Welcome back to the age of dinosaurs.

Stomp the Triceratops, the first costumed mascot at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®), stepped onto campus this week in a much-anticipated debut. The big entrance took place at Tri-C’s Metropolitan Campus Center. Stomp also traveled to the Westshore Campus in Westlake for a lunchtime cook-out.

The “real-life” reveal comes nearly a year after students, alumni and staff selected Triceratops as the school’s new mascot. A second online poll in March named the mascot Stomp.

“A mascot has the power to raise the spirit of the entire College community,” Tri-C President Alex Johnson said. “Stomp is strong, confident and bold — qualities that reflect who we are at Cuyahoga Community College.”

Tri-C spent the past six months working with Street Characters to bring the three-horned dinosaur to life. The company has created thousands of costumed characters for organizations and sports teams, including Chomp for the Cleveland Browns.

Stomp — colored in Tri-C’s trademark teal — seems ideally suited to represent the College. The stout dinosaur was created as a formidable yet likeable creature capable of firing up crowds and stealing hearts.

Following the debut at Metro Campus, Stomp roamed to Westshore Campus in Westlake to continue getting acquainted with the College. Stomp also visited Eastern Campus in Highland Hills, Western Campus in Parma and Brunswick University Center.

No other college or university features a dinosaur mascot, making Stomp unique in a crowd of so many bears, lions and eagles.

So who is Stomp? Glad you asked. Here are a few facts about Tri-C’s newest enrollee.

Height: 7 feet tall, horns to toes; Tri-C Major: Plant Science; Jersey Number: #63, for the year Tri-C opened; Favorite Cartoon: Flintstones; Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park; Favorite Music: Anything featuring horns; Favorite Food: Partial to salads — really, really big salads; Favorite Off-Campus Spot: Cleveland Museum of Natural History

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