Bay Village Begins Lakeside Cemetery Improvements

Before and after improvement of the Reuben Osborn monument.

The City of Bay Village has initiated improvements and remediations to the community’s historic Lakeside Cemetery located at 29014 Lake Road.

Jim Sears of the Bay Village Service Dept. has been working at the cemetery for the last couple months cleaning and resetting headstones.

“It is really amazing the difference it makes and how much improvements the cemetery needs,” reports Sears. “I have had some residents stop and ask about what I am doing and they thought it was really great to see the improvements being made.”

Interred at the Cemetery are founders of the community, including members of Cahoon, Osborn and other families original to the community.

Before and after improvement

“I know personally from growing up in Bay Village, and now working here, there are a lot of people who appreciate the history of Bay Village.  But there are also a lot of residents who don’t even know anything about the history or that the cemetery exists,” says Sears. “I take a lot of pride in restoring the cemetery because I know a lot of the original settlers and founders of Bay Village are buried there, so it’s an honor to do the work.”

Rebecca Porter and her infant son were the first to be buried at Lakeside Cemetery. They were killed when their boat capsized at the mouth of the Rocky River in 1814.

Among those interred are veterans from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and World War I.

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