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One of the great things about being an educator and coach (or a student, for that matter), is that each year provides a chance for a fresh start. Whether your last year was great or a struggle (and I think a lot of us are ready for a new year given the past 6 months!), there is something to be said for starting anew. If last year was great, a new start brings with it a new challenge and a reminder that continued success will only come from redoubled efforts. If last year was not so good, a new start brings a chance to write a new narrative. Sometimes we tend to believe we are static beings, and that things never change. In truth, things are always changing and we are always being provided chances to set a new course. This year we have dealt with a lot of change, much of it undesirable. It is likely there will be more tough moments to come. And yet, I am really excited about this year. I am looking forward to meeting my students and working with them again. I can’t wait to get back in the gym with our players. One of the things that always allows me to get over the disappointment of a season ending loss is thinking about the next season and how we can be successful. Even for teams that have won championships, I often hear coaches say they are not “defending” their title the next season, but rather they are seeking to win a different championship in a different season. I think this is a key distinction and one we can embrace both in the classroom and in athletics, particularly as we start a year that is sure to be filled with some level of uncertainty and change. My challenge to myself is to focus solely on the things I can control and try not to worry about the rest.

While the end of the 19-20 school year was tough, this new year gives us a chance to put that behind us and start anew with optimism (that things will get better), resolve (to persevere and do our best no matter the circumstances) and community (knowing that we as a Westlake school community will be better off if we come together and rely on each other). So as we all start this new school year, I would hope that all students as well as athletes would approach it with enthusiasm and a desire to grow and improve from their past performance, regardless of what that performance was. Here’s to a great 2020-2021!

By Jeff Huber on Sep 1, 2020

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