A Locally Owned and Female Operated Company, Bk Car Education USA and File & Drive USA, is Driving Business to New Heights!

“We’re here to help liberate our clients from the stress and uncertainty that come with filing for bankruptcy. Our program not only helps get you into a new car, but begins rebuilding credit immediately.”

A question we often hear is “What is it like working with so many female leaders in one company?”, and the answer is simple. Working together allows us to inspire each other, support each other, uplift each other, and help each other reach our full potential. Bk Car Education USA and sister company File and Drive USA is operated by a team of women that all have the same mission. That mission is to help people.

What We Do

Bk Car Education USA and sister company File & Drive USA are unique programs that help its clients get into a new auto loan while [the client] is in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. We assist in getting our client approved for a quality, pre-owned vehicle with little to no money down, and monthly payments they can afford. The day of filing for bankruptcy is the day their new vehicle is delivered directly to their door! We’ll even pick up the old car if it needs to be surrendered during the client’s bankruptcy filing.

Our clients get referred to us by a network of Bankruptcy Attorneys across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, and Michigan. We also help clients who do not yet have an attorney. We can recommend many trustworthy bankruptcy attorneys that have our clients best interest at heart.

Our team of experts are here to help clients that are in the most vulnerable position in their lives. We’re here to help liberate our clients from the stress and uncertainty that come with filing for bankruptcy. Our program not only helps get you into a new car, but begins rebuilding credit immediately. New auto loans report directly to the credit bureau, often before the bankruptcy even reports to it! This means our clients rebuild credit from the first day of filing for bankruptcy.

Our selection of inventory is provided by pre-owned car dealerships across northeast Ohio. We’ve created strong relationships with dealerships in order to use their license to process loans. Thanks to our network of dealerships, our approval rates stay at an all time high, and allow for a wide selection of vehicles for our clients to choose from. What does this mean for the client? It keeps them out of the dealership, and away from aggressive pushy sales people.

Through our program, attorneys have a better option for their clients than 722 redemption! In most cases, the credit bureau reports the vehicle as included in the bankruptcy. This report will not help clients improve their credit. In addition, consumers that have auto loans prior to filing are harboring a large amount of negative equity. A vehicle’s estimated book value is usually not worth the true value. By choosing 722 Redemption or reaffirmation, this negative equity will carry over post-bankruptcy. The better option is to surrender the old vehicle, and start fresh in a new vehicle, with a new auto loan.

Who We Are

Laura Decsi Traci Merideth, Nicole Bann, Frankie Simoni and Alexis Medina

Our teams of experts came together with the same goal in mind. To help people.

Vice President, Traci Merideth, has been working in the finance and automotive industry for over 30 years. Traci’s experience outshines anyone else in her field. She works directly with our clients, financial advisors, and our lenders to ensure the lowest down payment and best interest rates possible. Traci gives our clients the option of additional protection by offering warranty and gap with new auto loans. Traci’s bubbly personality and kind demeanor brightens the company and keeps our staff and clients in positive spirits.

Chief Administrative Officer, Nicole Bann, has a background in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Management. Her role with BK Car Education USA and File & Drive USA includes expanding the network of attorneys that are available to clients, as well as making attorneys aware of our program so we can offer a better option to those in open bankruptcy. Her role also includes the daily operations of the company administration and all aspects of marketing, advertising, and public relations. With over 12 years of business experience, Nicole’s aggressive ambition is a driving force in the company’s evolution.

Compliance Specialist, Frankie Simoni, works closely with Traci Merideth as a specialist in the Compliance department. Her background is in the automotive industry and is an expert in the field of vehicle surrenders. Her critical thinking and analytical approach to getting work done makes her a vital member to the team. She is persistent in locking in low interest rates and low down payments when getting our clients approved for an auto loan.

Financial Advisor, Laura Decsi, is the first point of contact for our clients. She hand picks a selection of vehicles that the client is approved for, based on the clients wants and needs. Whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV she will help the client get into a vehicle they want. Laura is the direct link between the client and the lenders. Her high energy and professionalism allow for a seamless stress-free experience starting from processing our client’s credit application, to organizing the delivery of the vehicle straight to their front door.

Financial Advisor, Alexis Medina, is the first point of contact for our clients. She helps process the credit application, communicates with our clients to provide a hand picked selection of pre-owned vehicles that our clients are approved for, and coordinates the delivery of the new ride directly to the clients front door. Alexis is the direct link between the client and the lenders. Her down to earth personality and relatability allow for a positive and effortless experience for our client.

Why Choose Us?

Financial hardship is something many of us are facing these days. Due to the recent economic recession and Covid-19 global pandemic, we’re all faced with extremely tough decisions when it comes to our finances. You are not alone in this struggle. Hundreds of thousands of people are driving down the same path of racking up debt and unpaid bills.

Bankruptcy is a great solution to eradicate debt, reduce stress, and begin a fresh start. American bankruptcy was created to give people in financial hardship a second chance. By filing for bankruptcy, you are exercising your right to that second chance. The teams at Bk Car Education USA and File and Drive USA are here to make the process just a little easier. Loss of transportation will no longer be a concern. Rebuilding credit will no longer be a concern. The only concern you’ll have is… What type of new vehicle will you choose?

The answer is clear. Just file and drive. To learn more about our programs please visit www.File&DriveUSA.com, email us at info@fileanddriveusa.com or call us at 216-767-3055.

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