Iconic Huntington Metroparks Tree Comes Down

The landmark cottonwood tree that has been a hallmark of Huntington Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks came down today.

Metroparks officials report that the tree, struck by lightning this year, was discovered to have substantial trunk damage, making it a risk to visitors.

“Earlier this year, the large cottonwood on Huntington Beach was struck by lightning,” report Metroparks. “Certified Risk Assessment arborists investigated the tree, and while the lightning strike did not cause significant damage, arborists found significant rot at the base of the tree. The rot at the base, combined with the tree leaning towards the popular beach, and its susceptibility to high winds off the lake, posed a hazard to park visitors. Unfortunately our Forestry team had no choice but to remove the tree, which was a popular sight at Huntington Beach for park visitors and staff alike.”

Huntington Reservation beach on August 31, 2016. (Kyle Lanzer/Cleveland Metroparks)

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