Bay Schools “Town Hall” Answers Important Questions

Bay Village Schools presented a virtual Town Hall the evening of Oct. 21, addressing many of the hot topics which are populating commumnity conversations as the November election approaches.

Did you miss the Virtual Find Out More Town Hall? It was recorded, and you can watch it by clicking on this link:…

Here are some important anweres to many of the questions currently circulating the community:

FAQs for 2021-22 School Year






“Find Out More” Virtual Town Hall October 20, 2021 (video links)




  1. Are we teaching CRT (Critical Race Theory) in our district?


  1. No. We do not teach CRT in our district. We will not be teaching CRT in the future. We do follow Ohio’s Learning Standards for Social Studies, which can be found here.


  1. Is there a requirement for service to move from building to building or to graduate?


  1. No. Community service is not a requirement for any student to move from grade level to grade level, building to building or to graduate. Students can earn a Community Service seal for their diploma. Driving Factor 3 of the strategic plan talks about the importance of service learning. Service learning is providing students with opportunities to apply what they have learned to real-world situations, especially within their own community. 


  1. What is the district doing with the information from the equity survey? Will the district continue working with Dr. Berry?


  1. The survey results have been reviewed by our Board members and Admin Team. The results indicate…a vast majority of our staff believes: They are putting students first; there is an equitable learning environment; that they are providing a culturally appropriate education; and students have access to all the resources they need. Our team supports the district’s equity commitment. We thank Dr. Berry for assisting us with this survey, and we will not be working with her in the future. 


  1. I heard the District included “sexually explicit” materials as part of its Rocket Family Summer Resource site.


  1. The District put together a Rocket Family Summer Camp Resource site, which included everything from a weekly storytime, a One Community One Book reading initiative and even how to support our local community businesses and organizations. A recent direct-mail piece sent to community members claims the District had “sexually explicit materials” in its Rocket Family Summer Camp Resources. That is untrue.


The two books referenced on the postcard are available on, which is “the world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident and courageous girls.” This site had a curated collection of books for Pride Month, which was shared as a resource for families. The two books mentioned on the postcard, however, were not part of the District’s Rocket Family Summer Camp Resource site. They are books for sale on, which is not affiliated with or associated with the District.


  1. I’ve heard that the Class of 2023’s English Language Arts (ELA) state assessment test scores have “plummeted.”


  1. Actually, the District’s ELA growth based on state assessments shows that we are achieving at the highest level possible. Please click here for specific information about the Class of 2023s ELA scores, and the District’s overall performance on state academic achievement as measured by state assessments for that same time period.


  1. Tell me more about the Diversity Champion Certificate Program that some District staff members participated in.


  1. This was a voluntary, after-school-hours opportunity for faculty, staff, students and community members put on by Tri-C. This program was paid for by a grant, and 15 members of our learning community participated. The virtual Diversity Champion Certificate Program focused on developing the skills necessary to lead by example as inclusive colleagues, and to create inclusive learning environments for students.


  1. I’ve heard something about a “racism in mathematics” tweet that Interim Superintendent Shryock shared; can you shed some light on this?


  1. Of course. Here is a direct response from Interim Superintendent Shryock:

“I do not believe mathematics is racist. As a respected curriculum leader within the state of Ohio, I regularly share resources from a variety of educational organizations, including Achieve The Core, College Board, and more with my professional network and followers. I often use my personal Twitter account to quickly share these resources by retweeting these organizations’ posts. 


Such was the case of the workshop series on Dismantling Racism in Mathematics, which appeared to be about equitable practices and opportunities in mathematics, a topic of discussion among colleagues within my network. In March of this year,  I simply re-tweeted the announcement. This workshop was not affiliated with Bay Village Schools, it was not intended specifically for our district and I did not participate in the workshops. I was simply sharing the information for anyone in my professional network who might find it useful. 


As an educator, I believe that for mathematics, and for all subject areas, we should have high expectations for all students, work to identify and remove barriers that may stand in the way of student success and provide equal opportunities. We should ensure all students have the support they need to learn how to think mathematically, and have regular opportunities to apply their mathematical skills to problems that are relevant to their daily lives. All students should be supported in growing their mathematical knowledge and skills throughout their academic careers from preschool through high school, including access to upper level math, science, computer and data analytics courses.   


As an administrator for Bay Village Schools, I am committed to abiding by the policies and procedures that have been enacted by the Board of Education and the state of Ohio. These policies include language on non-discrimination as it relates to race, sex, religious affiliation, socio-economic status or age. As shared in prior meetings, we define equity as: Having high expectations for all students, and ensuring all students have access to the support they need to be successful and meet their goals.”


  1. How do I get involved with taking actions around our Strategic Plan?


  1. You can visit the Strategic Plan section on our website, or click here, and fill out the survey at the bottom of the page. 


  1. Where do our buildings and facilities fit into the strategic plan? 


  1. Driving Factor 7 includes language around reviewing our facilities and our learning spaces to ensure they are meeting our current needs, and will meet the needs of students into the future. If you are interested in facilities, please complete our Strategic Plan form and choose Driving Factor 7.   


  1. I wasn’t able to attend the Virtual Find Out More Town Hall on October 20, 2021. Was that event recorded?


  1. It was! Here is a link to that Zoom recording:…




Why are we not offering an eLearning option?

  • The Ohio Department Of Education now requires public school districts who wish to provide an eLearning model to follow a defined process which includes the filing of an eLearning school plan, the creation of a virtual school building, dedicated teachers and dedicated administrators. As a result, we are unable to offer the model we provided last year. 
  • Remote learning was temporary (2020-21 school year). It was undefinited and relatively flexible. It was not subject to approval by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).
  • Online learning is not temporary. It is defined. It is subject to approval by the Superintendent of Public Instruction at the ODE. 


Why did the District wait until September of 2021 to submit a Blended Learning Plan to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE)?

  • Bay Village Schools had a Blended Learning Plan on file with the ODE from last year. The District’s model for instruction this year is in-building. The ODE reopened the window for a short time in September in response to the increasing COVID-19 numbers at the beginning of this school year. The District has renewed its existing plan to provide more options this school year, if necessary. 


What about Masking?

      – Masking for two-week increments to allow for the use of Bay Village-specific data where possible, along with CCBH, regional health centers and CDC data models. We will monitor our district curve and 

compare it to the city’s, as well as surrounding communities in the two-county area. We are choosing to 

be proactive since it is more manageable to keep our curve flat than to have to work to flatten our 


      –    Masking Required: Through November 5. If a child shows up for school without a mask, we will

            be offering them an appropriate-sized, disposable, medical mask. 

      –    Every other Friday, families will receive an email and text message alerting them about masking for the 

           next two weeks. This decision will be made by the District Leadership Team and the School Nurse. 


Is the District’s decision to require masking tied to its interest in receiving ESSER funds?

    • No, we did not consider ESSER funds as a factor when making our masking decisions. Masking decisions are made based on data patterns and trends, and our ability to keep students and staff in-building and learning.  Yes, the ARP ESSER requirements do include the statement that district policies and plans will be in line with the CDC guidance related to addressing COVID-19 in schools.




What if I have questions about a possible Masking medical exemption?

  • Parents/Guardians should read this information from Director of Student Services, Mrs. Lindsey Holeman.


Why are students allowed to share materials? 

  • Scientific studies have shown that Covid 19 is primarily spread through the air. We will continue to regularly clean high touch surfaces because this is a way to prevent the spread of disease. We will also continue to promote safe hand hygiene practices including washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 


Why are we no longer using plexiglass cubbies on desks?

  • Students will no longer be eating in classrooms. Masks are an effective mitigation factor and we continue to recommend the wearing of masks in classrooms and throughout our school buildings.  We will continue to focus on maximizing fresh air circulation through open windows and setting our ventilations systems to provide the maximum amount of fresh air. 


Why must students wear masks in school buses and school transportation?

  • Currently there is a government mandate in place that requires the proper wearing of masks on all public transportation. This includes school transportation.


What about quarantining?

  • The district is following the Ohio Department of Health guidelines on quarantining for schools, as outlined in this updated ODH plan (as of August 6).


What if my child feels sick at school?

  • We have qualified health assistants in each building who are working closely with our district nurse. 
  • Children who come to the clinic will be asked to wear a mask if they are not already wearing one.
  • Please keep your child at home if they are not feeling well. Your child’s teacher(s) will ensure your child has what is needed to continue their learning. 


What about athletics?

  • The Ohio High School Athletic Association has specific guidelines for school sports. The district is part of the OHSAA and abides by their guidelines. 




What if I choose to homeschool my child this year?


What if I need to withdraw my student from the district?

      – Although we never want to see a student leave, we understand each family needs to make the decision

 that is right for them. Should you need to withdraw your student, please log into the PowerSchool 

parent portal and look for the Forms Link on the General Tab. It is about halfway down under 


  • Please fill out one form for each student withdrawing. 


  • Please know that students are always welcome to come back to the district at any time!



What if I choose to keep my student home during days when masks are required/not required?

  • A student can be considered chronically absent if they miss as few as two days of school a month for the school year.
  • Please refer to this FAQ sheet about House Bill 410, Ohio’s Attendance Laws.




Is Bay Village a One2One District?

  • Yes, the district is committed to providing all K-12 students with a district-owned Chromebook (see accompanying form in PowerSchool).
  • Students in Kindergarten and 6th grade are assigned a NEW Chromebook to be used for a 6-year period.
  • Students and Parents are asked to submit any technical issues via the Family Help Desk. Loaner Chromebooks will be available while broken devices are out for repair.
  • A fully charged Chromebook should last 8-10 hours on battery power. Please work with your student to establish a charging routine for his/her Chromebook.
  • Students are allowed/encouraged to bring their charger daily.


What if my student forgets his/her device at home?

  • A limited number of loaners may be available if a student forgets a device, but students should plan to bring their device daily. Parents/guardians can drop off a forgotten device during school hours if their schedule permits.


What if my student already has a personal laptop or Chromebook?

  • Students are welcome to use personal devices at home but are asked to only use district-owned devices at school.
  • District-owned devices are managed by the district Technology team, with apps, filtering, and other settings aligned to district policies. Many Chromebook issues can be solved remotely on a managed device.
  • District staff do not troubleshoot technology issues on personal devices. 
  • Providing Chromebooks for every student ensures consistency and reliability among devices, maximizing students’ ability to access online resources in a timely manner.


What types of websites and apps do students access on their Chromebooks?

  • A variety of web-based resources are accessible to students across all grade levels and subject areas
  • These resources follow Board of Education requirements for FERPA-compliant privacy policy, and comply with all requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
  • A list of these resources is available on the Technology for Students page of our website and can be accessed directly by clicking here.




Is it true the District is operating in the red?

  • Please read this information from Treasurer Mrs. Meghan Rohde.


Are Bay Village residents impacted by the Triennial Update performed by the Cuyahoga County Department of Taxation and Equalization?

  • Please read this information from Treasurer Mrs. Meghan Rohde.
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