Fall is in the Air – Why it’s a Great Time to Sell Your Home

by Stacy Pandy, Realtor, Howard Hanna

The leaves may be turning colors and there may be a chill in the air, but it doesn’t mean the real estate market is cooling down. In fact, autumn may be one the best times to sell your house, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Less Competition: As we know Spring is when the housing market has a big boost. Listing in fall means your property will have fewer properties to compete with.
  2. The Weather is Optimal: Cooler weather will provide a better buying experience. Crisp, sunny days are better than hot, sweltering, or humid, rainy days. Buyers enjoying visiting open houses more so than in the summer months.
  3. Curb Appeal: One of my favorite times to decorate. Not only can you create seasonal curb appeal outside, but you can bring it inside as well. Adding different shaped pumpkins, cornstalks and colorful mums really give the outside a “pop” of color. Simply adding a gorgeous front door wreath with sunflowers and fall décor will make your home more inviting. Please don’t forget the fall welcome mat! This will really attract buyers that are “driving by” to inspect the outside. Inside you can create a warm ambience by adding apple cinnamon spiced candles, freshly baked pumpkin muffins and simmer hot apple cider to enjoy.
  4. Interest rates: Buyers are certainly being cautious with the mortgage rates gradually increasing. Now is a good time for buyers to get a rate “locked in” with their lenders to secure a home before any rate increases that may happen in the near future.
  5. Home for the Holidays: Most home sale transactions take approximately 30-45 days to close, so buyers will anticipate moving and getting settled in prior to the holidays.

Other tips to prepare your home for a fall sale include:

  1. Getting the furnace serviced and ready to have a warm, cozy home; Also remember to replace the furnace filter monthly while your home is on the market to keep indoor air as fresh and dust-free as possible.
  2. Have the chimney inspected prior to lighting a fire. While a warm, flickering flame is welcoming, smoke backing up in the house from a clogged chimney isn’t.
  3. When your house is on the market, leaves should be cleaned up regularly to keep the yard looking tidy. In addition, have your home’s gutters cleaned as soon as the leaves are done falling.
  4. Replace any burned out light bulbs so the house can be viewed properly during evening hours. I also suggest hosting an evening open house or taking a photo of the home at dusk to showcase the outdoor and indoor lighting effects.
  5. Clean and remove clutter. Remember, people will visualize how they will be living in your home. Keeping rooms clean, dishes put away and beds made will make a big difference in selling.

Finally, my all-time favorite tip is to turn on all the televisions to a fall YouTube channel. Search “Enchanting Autumn Nature Scenes”, they even offer relaxing piano music. This is really a “must-do” on my home selling list!

Remember, there are still plenty of buyers actively searching the market for the perfect home. And in most cases, these buyers are looking to make a move before the end of the year.

For more information or to view my real estate videos, please join my email at www.stacypandy.com. Thanks for reading.

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