WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

Animal Updates from the Westlake Police Dept.

The Westlake Police Dept. would like to share information about resources regarding dogs and cats. The following agencies provide low-cost pet health care:

  • Cleveland Animal Protective League 1-216-771-4616
  • Petfix 1-216-732-7040
  • SPCA 1-216-351-7387
  • Valley Save A Pet 1-440-232-9124

Pet Food Pantry locations:

  • Cuyahoga County Dog Kennel 1-216-525-7877
  • Cleveland APL 1-216-771-4616
  • Friendship APL 1-440-322-4321

The City of Westlake has ordinances prohibiting dogs and cats from running at large. Additionally, dogs and cats must have a rabies vaccination after the age of six months. Dogs must also must have a valid registration through the County Auditor.

Please consider spaying and neutering your pets. Animals, especially cats, can reproduce quickly. A pet cat that has a chance encounter with a feral mate can lead to big problems for homeowners and a life of neglect.

Other items of consideration involving our pets:

  • If you find, lose or encounter an injured or deceased animal please contact WPD at 440-871-3311. This assists officers in reuniting lost pets.
  • Please pick up pet waste if you walk your dogs to do their business.
  • Leash laws apply in all public areas of the city!
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car. This can be deadly as temperatures rise and fall.

Consider getting your pets chipped. The Westlake PD has a chip reader, as do most veterinarians. This will greatly increase the chance that your pet will be returned as quickly as possible.

For more information, see – Animals and Fowl of the Westlake Codified Ordinances: http://ow.ly/lCXy50LlXyI

For additional support or guidance with animal related concerns, please contact the Westlake Police Department or Animal Control Officer Jim Wang at 440-892-3150. He can also be reached at jwang@westlakepolice.us

“Two Drunks Just Left the Bar”

On 10/22/22 at approx. 1AM a concerned caller reported that 2 intoxicated persons had just left “the bar,” were drunk and were sitting in a white Jeep parked on Main St in Crocker Park. Officers arrived to find that the described vehicle was driving down Main St. It was stopped. The operator, a 36 yo Westlake resident, was slurring his speech and could not recite the alphabet from A-Z. He was field tested and arrested for OVI. The female passenger also appeared intoxicated and was transported to the WPD lobby to await a ride while the vehicle was impounded and towed from the scene. The driver submitted to a breath test and was found to be over 2 and ½ times the legal limit despite his assertion that he was only “buzzed.” He was cited with OVI and operating a vehicle while over the legal limit. The man was later released to a sober ride.

Ransacked Home

On 10/22/22 at about 9:15PM a resident called WPD to report that their home on Settlers Reserve had been burglarized. The complainants were instructed to wait outside when officers cleared the home and discovered no one was inside. Parts of the home had been ransacked although no signs of forced entry were found. A WPD Evidence Technician processed the scene and evidence was gathered. Investigators learned that purses and jewelry were missing. Detectives are still trying to develop a suspect.

Arrested for Illegal Use of a Minor

On 10/24/22 at approx. 4PM WPD responded to an incident at Barnes and Noble at Crocker Park which was described as a possible interference of custody issue between a father, his 16yo daughter and a “20yo” male. Officers arrived to find out the father had been searching for his daughter as he hadn’t heard from her in a couple of days. The dad discovered that the juvenile had been with a 21yo man for 2 days at a hotel in Westlake and not with her teenaged Avon Lake classmate as she had told him. The man was present and was identified as a United Kingdom national. He had traveled to the US recently and had met the 16yo online. Officers on scene confiscated the man’s cell phone for analysis at the time and mediated the situation. The juvenile was returned to the father. Detectives followed up with searches of a hotel room and electronic devices belonging to the 21yo. The man was arrested without incident at the Double Tree Hotel on Clemens the next day. He was arraigned in Rocky River Municipal Court on a charge of felony Illegal Use of a Minor in Nudity Oriented Material and was given a $50,000 Cash or surety bond. He was ordered to surrender his passport to Westlake officers and is awaiting additional charges in the Westlake Jail.

Dinosaur Plays Chicken

On 10/31/2022, at 1959 hrs, Bay Village Police received a complaint of kids playing chicken with cars in the area of Osborn and Beach Lane. The primary offender was dressed as a dinosaur. Officers responded to the area but were unable to locate the group.

House Egged

On 11/01/2022, at 1406 hrs, a resident in the 30000 block of Lake Rd. reported someone egged his house overnight. Nothing was damaged and the homeowner already cleaned up the mess. He requested special attention to his residence in the overnight hours.

Police: Best of the Week

You can’t make this stuff up!

The North Ridgeville Police Department has had some interesting calls in the past always with some quick humor to go along with it.

North Ridgeville Police Facebook post: “This tool box fell off the back of a truck on Bainbridge Rd. at Chestnut Ridge. There is a last name on the toolbox so you better have that name if you come to pick it up. If it’s yours, we’ve got it. Call us at 440-327-2191 or stop in.”

Reply: “My mother’s maiden name is Milwaukee. I’ll be by this afternoon.”

NR Police Response: “Good news. Glad we found it for you. Just bring her and her birth certificate. See you soon.”


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