Arden Courts: The Journey of Caregiver Experiences

Author Annette J. Wick spoke at Arden Courts Promedica Memory Care in Westlake

Helping a loved one along in the journey of dementia can be lonely, confusing and frustrating.

But, you don’t have to be alone.

Author Annette J. Wick shared her story – that of a daughter helping an aging mother along this path – with an audience of guests at Arden Courts Promedica Memory Care in Westlake last week.

“How to be a caregiver is to be the voice for someone else,” she shared as she read from her book, “I’ll Have Some of Yours.” In it, she describes many relatable circumstances in the shared experience of dementia care.

“The balance between being a caregiver and also supporting the needs of other family members is a challenge,” she said as she described her mom’s mental deterioration and the realization that she would ultimately be her caregiver. “I knew it was going to eventually fall to me.”

She describes many successes and failures along the way as some audience members shared a tear of recognition.

“We’re the caregivers, we have to change. We have to figure out how to adapt to that,” she said of the process. “This is the story of how I became strong and kind, by sharing my mom’s story so others can learn from it.

“I wanted to give my mother the best that I could without giving all of me. It is the hardest thing we can do because this person has for a long time given their life to us.”

“How important it is to give more love than to give care,” said Annette in the end.

Annette balances the trials with the triumphs of being a daughter and caregiver. “I’ll Have Some of Yours” is for anyone who longs to move past being a caregiver to find a deeply human and humane connection with someone you love.

“My mom didn’t know my name in the end,” says Annette, “But she knew me as someone she loved.”

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