Meet 2024 LCCC Nursing Graduate China Taylor

by Leigh Keeton

When China Taylor was choosing a nursing school, one parameter outweighed all others— NCLEX pass rates. NCLEX stands for National Council Licensure Examination. It’s a nationwide examination that tests the competencies of nursing graduates and a passing score is required to receive a registered nursing license.

Based on that one parameter, Taylor chose Lorain County Community College.

“LCCC has very high NCLEX pass rates,” she said. “I think that’s because of the college’s focused classes and devoted staff and professors.”

Taylor, 25, enrolled in LCCC’s associate degree of nursing program in 2021 and soon realized just how devoted the college’s faculty and staff are to student success. Taylor knew she was adding a strenuous academic and lab workload to an already busy life. In addition to working at Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital as a clinical technician, she has been enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard for seven years. In April, Taylor will be promoted to Technical Sergeant.

“I joined right after high school because they were willing to pay for my schooling,” she said. “It was a nice cushion if school didn’t work out for me.”

School has worked out for Taylor though, who learned to lean on the college’s available resources when she needed to. Like the time her laptop crashed before finals and LCCC’s Advocacy and Resource Center stepped in to help.

“It was a really important week; I had exams going on,” she recalled. “They were able to grant me money toward a new laptop. That was huge for me.”

The consistent and unwavering support of her professors has been just as pivotal. Especially nursing professor Nanci Berman, DNP, RN.

“She strives for excellence and compassion in everything she does,” Taylor said. “She’s a hospice nurse, while being a professor here. So, she gives all of us everything she has. I tear up just thinking about how much she impacted me.”

Taylor was equally as emotional when she graduated from the program in December 2023 and, two months later, added her own passing score to the college’s high NCLEX pass rates.

“Nothing is ever going to make you feel ready for that test,” she said. “But then, the next day you get your results. And mine said ‘China Taylor, Registered Nurse.’ It was amazing.”

On February 26, 2024, Taylor accepted a nursing position at Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital. She works 12-hour shifts on the medical-surgical floor and pulls from her LCCC training every single day.

“Applying everything I’ve learned is almost like muscle and memory recall,” she said. “I just have to be confident in what I know and take it slow.”

While Taylor works and continues devoting one weekend each month to the Ohio Air National Guard, she’s also planning her next career move. She wants to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Ohio University, through LCCC’s University Partnership, and one day combine her two careers.

“I’d like to commission in the U.S. Air Force,” she said. “Hopefully become an officer and be a military nurse.”

Whatever lies ahead, Taylor said the impression LCCC’s staff has left on her will last a lifetime. They don’t just help nursing students pass the NCLEX, they shape the type of nurse they strive to be.

“Compassionate. All of the staff here are so compassionate, and they made sure to put that into our training,” Taylor said. “Patients aren’t just patients. They’re someone’s family.”

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