“Mr. Lonely” Gets Police Visit

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A self-described “lonely” 26-year-old Cahoon Rd. man called an escort service for some companionship on Aug. 21 report Westlake Police this week. As could reasonably be predicted, a dispute arose over what exactly was agreed to with the 20-year-old Cleveland woman who arrived. She was driven to the scene by a 32-year-old Cleveland man, who collected a $145 fee up front. After dancing in a manner reminiscent of Salome, she either was (or wasn’t) given a $100 tip, which then either was (or wasn’t) taken back by the lonely guy. The dancer then either demanded (or didn’t) a framed picture of an elephant as compensation. The caller also supposedly requested (or didn’t) some sexual contact. The female and her driver were sent on their way; the prosecutor will rule on a possible Menacing charge, due to the threats made by both sides during the encounter.

A GPS, sunglasses, and CDs valued at $180 total were taken from a UT man’s Ford Taurus on the night of Aug. 17. No suspects; the vehicle may have been left unlocked.

A Hunters Pt. Ln. woman suspects neighbors of poisoning her backyard cottonwood tree. She asked the Fire Dept., City Arborist, and a private tree trimming firm to examine it; none of them could confirm her suspicions. She called WPD after her CCTV system recorded a male in her yard on Aug. 18; the neighbor she thinks is involved denied any involvement with her tree or being in her yard.

A Georgia Dr. man leaving for work at 5:50AM on Aug. 20 spooked a white male in his early 20s going through his car. Nothing was taken before the suspect ran off, although the glovebox in the 2008 Ford Focus was found open.

A 23-year-old Westlake woman went home to mom in Lorain after her 22-year-old live-in boyfriend repeatedly knocked her down in their Westown Blvd. apt. on Aug. 20 at 11PM. They had argued over damage to the home computer.  She refused to press charges or request a TPO; a Dom. Violence warrant and protection order were obtained nonetheless and served on the suspect on Aug. 22.

A Bay Village man’s 2013 Subaru had the passenger rear tire slashed on Aug. 20 between 9P-11P while parked at the Regal theater. No suspects.

A teenage black male asked a 12-year-old Westlake girl to use her cellphone on Aug. 21 at 4:11PM, and then ran off with it. The suspect is 16-18 years old, wearing a red shirt and black shorts. He fled as a passenger in a white older 4 door car.

A Detroit Rd. couple with a volatile history continued to annoy the neighbors at 12:03AM on Aug. 22. A caller reported that the 18-year-old woman was screaming for help in the apartment complex parking lot. She was arrested for Underage Consumption; her 22-year-old live-in boyfriend was arrested for DCI and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (a marijuana grinder).  WPD has had to referee their squabbles four previous times this summer.  When released from our jail at 10:30AM, they went right back to yelling at each other on Hilliard Blvd. and had to be separated by officers. True love.

A Parma woman with business to conduct at Clemens Rd. firm found her 2010 Honda Accord damaged at 10:15AM on Aug. 22. The passenger window was broken and a $1300 laptop taken. The company CCTV showed a black male going back and forth to her vehicle around 9:30AM; he left in a dark color GMC SUV.

A WEYMOUTH Cir. woman’s credit card was used to buy pizza in NC and make other charges totaling $580.00 on Aug. 21. No suspects.


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