Westlake Police: Drugs, Gun Found in Traffic Stop

Westlake Police logoA 29-year-old North Olmsted man was stopped for a traffic violation on Feb. 13 at 1:10PM on Detroit Rd. Inside the car, he had marijuana and a loaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun. He was arrested for Using Weapons While Intoxicated, POM, and Drug Paraphernalia (hollowed out cigars used to smoke the reefer).


Thefts at Westlake High

A male 17-year-old Westlake HS student had $65 cash taken from an unlocked locker on Feb. 13. A 15-year-old male student was found to have taken the money. The suspect had also taken another 15-year-old boy’s cellphone from the locker room. He will face 2 cts of RSP in Juvenile Ct.


Sanctuary, Sanctuary!

A 35-year-old Olmsted Township woman rear-ended a female Westlake motorist on Detroit Rd. at 4:30PM on Feb. 13. They both drove to the township woman’s nearby parents’ home just off Detroit Rd., where WPD was called to the scene. The township woman was found to be under the influence of alcohol and as officers tried to arrest her for OVI, fought being handcuffed, kicked two officers (breaking one’s radio mike), called them a variety of vulgar names, and tried to assert the old “you can’t arrest me in my home”.

Note to her:  it’s not your home, you were outside, and the “sanctuary” doctrine only applied to churches in the Middle Ages. Her parents also tried to dissuade the other driver from calling WPD and the officers from arresting her. She refused a breath test and faces OVI, Assured Clear Distance, Assault, Resisting Arrest, and Criminal Damage.


Debit Card Not Returned

A 33-year-old Westlake woman treated herself to some Taco Bell food from their Columbia Rd. restaurant on Feb. 13, but did not get her debit card back after paying. That night it was used for an $11.00 purchase in Cleveland, as well as being declined several times on Feb. 14. The employee who handled the woman’s transaction denies any involvement.


Olympic Moments

In the Olympic spirit of Sochi, errant hockey pucks (thank you, Don Rickles) coming from a homemade ice rink at a Center Ridge Rd. residence did some damage to a Rocky River man’s  2012 Honda station wagon. It was parked at an adjacent Canterbury Rd. business. The homeowner was advised about the slap shots going astray.


Cure for Loud Vocalizations

Recurring loud vocalizations by a 24-year-old Detroit Rd. woman had been annoying her neighbors since Feb. 10. They came to a head on Feb. 15 when officers checking on a 10:52AM noise complaint heard her hollering from the apartment building’s vestibule. As is frequently the case, a knock and the announcement “police, open up” resulted in an immediate and resounding silence.  A Lorain man opened the door; the neighbors report that he keeps pretty quiet. The woman was advised that she will receive a summons for Noise Disturbance. Even better, there have been no more noise complaints since then.


Drunk at Crocker Park

A 26-year-old Rootstown woman raised all sorts of drunken Cain in a Union St. parking garage on Feb. 15 at 10:40PM. She was arrested for DCI and professed wonderment at that, saying that the last time she was arrested, she assaulted a police officer. Her intoxicated boyfriend (25-year-old Rootstown man) ambled by the scene, refused to call a cab or a friend for a ride home, and joined the woman under arrest for DCI as well.


Vacation Break-In

A vacationing Westlake couple has family members checking on their house. A burglary was discovered there by a daughter on Feb. 16 at 2:13PM. A watch, camera, laptop, and pillowcase were taken. Footprints in the snow indicate the break-in occurred in the preceding few days, and neighbors report seeing a suspicious small red car parked on the street on Feb. 15 and a grey Jeep Cherokee driving around on Feb. 12 and 14. No signs of forced entry were found.

A Real Dropped Call


A Lakewood boy dropped his $100 cellphone while seeing the new “Robocop” movie at the Regal Cinema on Feb. 14. It was not turned in to lost and found, but some unknown suspect took a picture with it on Feb. 17; that photo was automatically uploaded to his Google account. The nondescript picture had geotags encoded in it which corresponded with the latitude and longitude of a Beachwood high-rise apartment building. The victim then shut off service to the phone.


Truck Theft

A white 2006 Ford pickup with a yellow Meyer snowplow was stolen from the Nick Mayer dealership at 11:18PM on Feb. 17. CCTV showed an unknown suspect taking it. It has the legend “Nick Mayer Lincoln Mercury Quick Lane” on each side.

Impromptu Grave Nixed


A Westlake man was spotted on the woods of the CCC campus on Clemens Rd. at 8:31PM on Feb. 20. He was found to be burying his dead cat; he was sent on his way after being advised about feline grave digging.


Lou Gehrig Award: Thank You Det. Janis   

Westlake Police say farewell  to Det. Jim Janis, who retires after 31 years with the Department. Jim was promoted from patrolman to detective by former Chief Dave Bly and served as the juvenile officer for many years. That job was often a thankless one, what with emotional and angry parents calling him every Monday morning because their little Suzie or Johnny got arrested. Jim always handled those calls with aplomb and usually could assure them that the kid could still get into an Ivy League school if he/she straightened up. Jim liked sports so much that, as a grade schooler, he could only come up with the names of 8 of the 9 greatest Americans; he could not think of a first baseman. Enjoy your retirement Jim; you earned it.


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