Too Drunk to Drive in Westlake

Copy of Westlake Police logoWestlake Police report employees of a Detroit Rd. restaurant found an intoxicated 54-year-old Bay Village man on the ground in their parking lot on March 14 at 10:20  PM. After they helped him up, he got into his car and started to leave, then changed his mind. Officers found him inside and had to assist him to the cruiser after arresting him for DCI.


Harmful Intoxicants

An 18-year-old Glenmore Dr. man was arrested for Abusing Harmful Intoxicants on March 16 at 3:26PM after his mother found him inhaling a compressed gas electronics cleaning product. He had fought with her when she tried to take it away from him and refused treatment by WFD.


Major Home Theft

2 rings valued at $9000 and at least 7 credit cards were taken from a North Windsor Ct. home; the theft was discovered on March 14 and reported on March 17. One of the credit cards had been used illicitly in MS approximately 8 weeks previously. The resident suspects employees of a cleaning service, who all deny involvement.


Unwanted Spectacle        

A 24-year-old Westlake man continued his long history of exposing himself on March 17 at 11:31PM.   Another resident of his Detroit Rd. apartment complex saw the suspect standing in the altogether by his patio slider; the responding officers were also treated to that spectacle. He was arrested for Public Indecency. He has previous convictions for the same offense in the RRMC from 2007, 2008, and 2012.


Threatened to Kill

A 27-year-old woman reported being threatened on the phone and in person on March 20 at her Westlake job by her 29-year-old ex-husband. He threatened to kill her and damage her house and car if she did not give her some papers. Their 3-year-old son was in the father’s car when he was at the victim’s workplace. The City Prosecutor will consider possible charges of Domestic Violence, Menacing, and others.


$11 Grand Vanished

A March 20 email to a Jefferson Way woman’s notified her that the PIN for her debit card had been changed. She called her bank and asked why that had been done and initiated her own PIN change. Despite that precaution, $11,000 was withdrawn from her account in London, UK the same evening.


B & E

A Schwartz Rd. resident came home March 20 from a trip to find his home had been forcibly entered. A window and sliding door had been damaged, but nothing was taken; no suspects.