Bay Village PTA “Reflections” Art Show Winners

Reflections 2013 logoThe Bay Village Council of PTA’s proudly presented its annual Reflections Art Show at Bay High. An Awards reception was held Sun., March 30 as students, parents and guests enjoyed the theme of this year’s show, “Believe, Dream, Inspire.” Artwork was posted in galleries, raffles were held, and fun events like face-painting made for a great day. Supt. of Schools Clint Keener then honored the award winners.

Presented March 30, 2014

Primary: Preschool – Grade 2, Intermediate: Grades 3-5, Middle School:  Grades 6-8, High School: Grades 9-12  (in parenthesis after student name)

* Artwork submitted to Ohio PTA Competition – Participant Ribbon Awarded

Primary Literature

Second Place             Evie Tenerowicz (1)              The Puppy

*First Place               Lizzie Fetterman (1)             The Princess and the Pony

Primary Photography

Second Place                            Sophie Thomas (2) Sail Across Your Dreams

*First Place                              Holly Lucas  (2)      Dream big

Primary Visual Arts

Honorable Mention   Mira Denney (1)    The Dream Building

*Third Place                            Mariana Rivera (2)                Some day I will be a famous artist

*Second Place                          Sophie Thomas (2) Catching my Dreams

*First Place                              Kai Louis  (1)          Battle of Fire

Intermediate Dance Choreography

*First Place                              Carli Mendelow (4) I’ve Got the Power in Me!!!

Award of Merit (3rd Place) at State Competition

Intermediate Film/Video Production

*First Place                              Kendall Thomas (5)                Through My Eyes

Award of Honorable Mention at State Competition

Intermediate Literature

Third Place                              Adam Tenerowicz (3)  The Big Touchdown

*Second Place                          Matthew Seljan (3)                 Cancer Free World

*First Place                              Emily Frindt (4)      You Can Do Anything

Intermediate Music Composition

*First Place                              Linden Ifft (4)                         Don’t Wait Ay Longer

Intermediate Photography

Honorable Mention   Payton Rater (3)                   Lake of your Dreams

Third Place                              Lauren McCarty (4)               Rock Pile of the World

*Second Place                          Kendall Thomas (5)                Keep on Dreaming

*First Place                              Avery Tenerowicz (4)  The Hungry Bird

Intermediate Visual Arts

Honorable Mention   Erik Seicean (3)     Dreamy Fish

Third Place                              Emilia Gulley (3)    Springing Dreams

Second Place                            Olivia Konschak (4)   Natural Inspiration

*First Place                              Phoebe Peet (4)       A Portrait of Me

Middle School Literature

Third Place                              Courtney Brewer (7)   The Perfect Hit!

*Second Place                          Anne Beckwith (7) A Giant Wingbeat for Mankind

*First Place                              Katie Knight (6)      Dream, Believe, Inspire

Middle School Music Composition

*Second Place                          Chani Sobczak        (6)          Fairy Dream in D Major

*First Place                              Ellen Brabant          (8)          Breath of Confidence

Middle School Photography

Honorable Mention   Adriana Chesterfield(8)        Color in Unity

Third Place                              Audrey Gray (6)                     Alone in the Universe

Second Place                            Lauren Schwartz (6)   “The Quest Begins”

*First Place                              Lauren Matakovich (7)          Footprints

Middle School Visual Arts

Honorable Mention   Elyse Bryant (7)                    Untitled

Third Place                              Olivia Reed (6                         Man in the Moon

Second Place                            Elisa Renerts (6)     Looking Forward

*First Place                              Adriana Chesterfield(8)          Hope lives On

High School Literature

*First Place                              Timothy Garner (11)   Step

High School Music Composition

*First Place                              Brynne LaRiccia (12) String Quartet

High School Visual Art

Third Place                              Schyler Bennett (11)   Swerles of Sunset

Second Place                            Ellie Frey (9)           “The Cabin in the Woods”

First Place                                Lily Conover (10)                   On Top of the Universe

High School Photography

Third Place                              Marla Seicean (10)                 Minnie Me

Second Place                            Claire Mercer (11)                  Hope

Second Place                            Katie Bricmont(12)                 Ballooning

*First Place                              Elyse Legeay (9)                     Queen of Hearts

                                                                                Nothing but a Hug

And Words are mightier than the sword

Award of Excellence (1st Place) at State Competition – Submitted to Nationals

On display at the State PTA Convention and at the Columbus Library



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