Bay Police Warning: Scam Phone Callers

bay police logo 130121011959_bay-village-police-300x168The Bay Village Police Department has been receiving many complaints from residents concerning phone calls with foreign sounding individuals trying to run various scams.

Remember, give NO INFORMATION to a stranger calling your home on the phone. Additionally, DO NOT call back any number left on voice mail or displayed on your phone, unless you know it to be a bonafide phone number of a person, company or agency.

Always, ALWAYS err on the side of caution. Trust NO ONE who has called your phone without your prior knowledge. When in doubt, hang up and call us. We will be happy to assist.

Missing Adult Found

On 03/30/2014, at 0341 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Columbia Rd, near the railroad tracks. The 86 year old driver was entered as a Missing Adult – Endangered. The entering agency, Cleveland PD, was contacted and arrangements were made to turn the male over to his grandson when he arrived from Lakewood.

APL Assistance

On 04/01/2014, at 1128 hrs, the BVPD received a call from the APL Chief Investigator requesting assistance in contacting a resident on Lincoln Road about an injured cat that was possibly not receiving proper care for an injured eye. The owner was to be given the option of either ensuring the feline receive medical treatment or allow the APL to have another person, who had volunteered, take possession. If the cat owner declined to do either, then the APL intended on conducting an investigation with possible resulting criminal charges. The owner of the cat was advised to contact the APL Chief Investigator.


On 04/02/2014, at 2353 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on Bradley at Wolf Rd.  After speaking with the 36-yoa male driver, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the Bay Village resident was arrested for OVI.  He will face charges at RRMC.

Fake ID Foiled

On 04/04/2014, at 2235 hrs, the proprietor of the Convenient Food Mart called the BVPD to report an underage male had attempted to purchase alcohol with a fake identification. Officers responded and determined that a total of four youngsters were involved, but further investigation resulted in charges being brought only against the male with the fake ID. The parents of the other three were advised of the circumstances.


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