Westlake Police Report IRS Scams

Westlake Police logoIRS scammers have gained momentum as April 15 approaches. Westlake Police report a Settlers Reserve Way man received a check in the mail in March from a California bank for $8900 in March. It had his name on it and another male’s, who is unknown to the victim. It appears to be related to someone filing a fraudulent US income tax return in the Westlake man’s name, which was reported on April 9. The IRS is already looking into the matter.

A Shiloh Park man reported that someone had filed a tax return with the IRS using his name and social security number on April 9. He also had recently received a debit card in the mail in a woman’s name but using his address. His phone service had also been cut off without warning or explanation. The IRS will handle the tax matter and the victim was to contact the phone company regarding the disconnection.

A Walter Rd. man received a letter from the IRS in March regarding a review of his 2013 return (which he had not filed yet). Then on April 8, when he did file electronically, he was notified that a return with his identity information had already been filed.

Credit Card ID Theft

A Candlewick Ct. woman misdialed the number to her credit card’s issuing bank on March 5 and was connected to another company. The sales rep. talked her into paying $6 postage by that credit card for a “free” gift card; then all manner of other attempted and unapproved charges started showing up on her account. She was able to prevent those additional charges from going through and has contacted the FTC.

High School Trespass

A 16-year-old former student snuck into the High School on April 4 and sought out current students that she has disputes with. She was arrested for Trespass and turned over to her mother.


A 38-year-old Lakewood man and a 28-year-old Parma woman were arrested on April 4 after a 5:11PM shoplifting incident at a Detroit Rd. store. The male dropped $107 worth of energy drinks when stopped by store staff, and then ran off. He was arrested for Petty Theft nearby. He also has active warrants from Linndale PD and the Cuyahoga Co. Sheriff.  His female accomplice was arrested for Complicity to Petty Theft. At least one other unidentified suspect picked up the dropped merchandise and fled the scene.

On the Road Again  

A 36-year-old Westlake woman was reported trying to flag down cars on April 6 at 9:29PM on Hilliard Blvd. She was found to be intoxicated and sitting with her legs in the roadway; she was arrested for DCI.

What a Guy!

A Westown Blvd. man let a 28-year-old friend stay with him, despite the friend’s recent release from jail and history of drug abuse and auto theft. He was shocked to awaken on April 8 at 2:08PM to find his 2010 Toyota Corolla, cell phone, and keys missing, along with the friend. The next day, Cleveland PD located the car and arrested that friend; he was turned over to WPD. The victim was unusually fortunate in that he got back all of his missing property. The suspect faces Grand Theft and Petty Theft charges.

OVI with Child

A 41-year-old Cleveland man was arrested for OVI after 10:14PM traffic stop on April 8 on I90. He was also cited for Speed, Open Container, BAC (.204 by breath), and Child Endangering. The latter charge stems from the 10-year-old boy who was a passenger in the car. He is the son of a 42-year-old IN woman who was also a passenger in the vehicle. She was also cited for Open Container.

Vandalism & Burglary

A Stonehedge Dr. man’s 2008 Nissan was damaged while parked in his driveway on the night of April 8. The head and tail lights were damaged, a body panel scratched, mirror broken, bumper kicked, and a window shattered. A family member heard noises outside around midnight.

A Rechner Dr. home was found to have a basement window broken with a rock on April 11; no suspects.

Residents of a Century Oak Ln. home found it burgled when they returned at 9:30pm on April 11. The kitchen door had been forced; it is unclear if anything had been stolen.


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