“Excellence in Health Care, Close to Home, for Every Need”

William A. Young, Jr.

William A. Young, Jr.

A Message from St. John Medical Center President and CEO William A. Young, Jr……

“Excellence in Health Care, Close to Home, for Every Need.”

That is the message St. John Medical Center (SJMC) President and CEO William A. Young, Jr., brings to the community just a year after the completion of a modernization phase that saw major renovations to the medical center that opened its doors to the community in 1981. The modernization phase brought physical changes as well as additions and upgrades of many services.

“We are growing and expanding to meet community needs. St. John Medical Center is outgrowing its community roots and bringing many sophisticated services to the West Side,” says Young. “Services that you used to have to drive miles and miles to get to.”

Young agrees that people want their health care close to home and do not want to travel. “We are bringing services to the communities that traditionally haven’t been available in a community health care setting,” he says.

Programs such as the Advanced Wound Care Center at SJMC, UH Neurological Institute, The Pain Management Center at SJMC, UH Seidman Cancer Center satellite office, and upgraded Women’s Services underscore the wide range of care now available for West-Side patients at St. John Medical Center.

“The Advanced Wound Care Center is a perfect example,” says Young. “We now offer state-of-the-art wound care with hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the heart of Westlake.” The wound center offers cutting-edge treatments and evidence-based protocols to quickly heal advanced wounds and treat infectious diseases.

Another example is the UH Seidman Cancer Center at St. John Medical Center. “Residents can now access high-quality cancer care in their neighborhood,” says Young. “Patients receiving treatment at Seidman sometimes need to come to the Center multiple times a week. It’s more convenient to be close to home, especially when one is not feeling well.”

The Emergency Room is another area of tailored service. St. John Medical Center’s 30-Minute Pledge promises that patients will be seen by an emergency room professional within 30 minutes of arrival. Also, the Emergency Room has implemented Inquicker, a new on-line tool that allows patients to check-in for their projected treatment by choosing a convenient time. St. John Medical Center also boasts a Level III Trauma Center, Accredited Chest Pain Center, Primary Stroke Center, and Pediatric Emergency Services affiliated with UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

“The Spine & Orthopedic Center at St. John Medical Center has some of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the medical center,” says Young. “High-quality patient care coupled with excellent outcomes is the hallmark of this service. In addition to outstanding surgical and medical care, The Spine & Orthopedic Center offers patient education, rehabilitation, and five-star accommodations and amenities. Plus, we work closely with post-acute care facilities to facilitate a patient’s continued recovery following a hospital stay.”

It all adds up to patient confidence.

“When we look at healing, it is more than treating the injury or disease. There is a continuum of care that surrounds the process,” says Young. “If a patient goes to our Emergency Department and needs inpatient care, you are going to stay with us and not be transferred miles away from home. We make sure we can treat our patients in their community. In most cases, if you need a specialist, you will be referred to a SJMC specialist without the need to go to another hospital for extended care.”

Another growth area at St. John Medical Center is The Family Birth Center and Holistic Birthing Center, which has added two more physicians and midwives. “We are one of the few facilities in northeast Ohio to experience volume growth in this area. People now recognize the quality of our Family Birth Center and the responses are overwhelming.”

No matter your medical need, you will be met by a mission-driven staff at St. John Medical Center. “Our staff truly cares for you and will exceed expectations to make sure your needs are met,” says Young.

With 400 volunteers, St. John Medical Center has a committed group of people who make a difference by donating time on site every day. “We couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers,” says Young. “We talk about living the Mission, and here is a group that gives back to the community right here.”

More community involvement is developing. “We’re making sure we are making a difference in the hospital and in the community we serve,” says Young.

School health events, Chamber of Commerce and community outreach, and the annual Festival of the Arts underscore that commitment. “We’re currently in the planning stages of the July festival,” says Young. “It keeps growing every year. It promises to be even bigger and better.”

Specialty physicians are also adding to the continuum of care. A new vascular surgeon is joining the team, as well as a rheumatologist, an allergy and immunology specialist, sports medicine physician and other specialty recruits.

“This ensures we have the physicians and services that will help keep you in your community,” says Young. “We are ever growing and being recognized on a local and national basis for our high quality of care.”

SJMC was recently recognized as one the top 10 safest hospitals in the United States by Consumer Reports. “This is a huge honor for a community hospital,” says Young. “St. John Medical Center has grown to a higher level of care and the community is responding by seeking care with us as their healthcare provider.”


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