Westlake Codified Ordinances Upgraded On-Line

The Walter H. Drane Company which maintains Westlake’s ordinance codification and online codes has recently upgraded their website.

With the new system, you are able to select and assemble any set of sections together for viewing, printing, downloading or emailing.  This includes entire chapters, entire parts, any range of sections or selected sections from different chapters.

You are able to save and/or email documents as HTML, RTF or Text, and the new system is compatible with Tablets and Smart Phones (iOS and Android) as well as the following desktop browsers:  IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (PC and Mac) and Opera.

Attached is a quick start/FAQ sheet for your reference.  During the transition period, the old site is still accessible via the Conway Greene homepage, and any questions can be directed to them at 216-619-8091 or 800-977-2665.

Walter Drane website upgrade Quick start, FAQ

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