Westlake Police: Naked Man Strikes Again

Westlake Police logoThe 63-year-old man arrested for Public Indecency last week when he dropped in on his neighbor naked  was at it again on May 19 at 12:20 p.m., report Westlake Police. He was seen by 2 female neighbors standing naked on his front porch. He was arrested for Public Indecency and for a TPO violation; the TPO forbade him from contacting the first victim.


Burglary Arrests

A Bel Aire Cr. resident found a break-in on May 16 at 11:54AM. Guns, jewelry, and a computer were stolen after the rear door was forced. Suspects were identified with the help of a passerby who had unknowingly let one suspect use her cell phone. A 19-year-old Medina woman (RSP and Complicity to Burglary) and a 21-year-old Middleburgh Hts man (RSP and Complicity to Burglary)  were arrested later that day; a third suspect (18-year-old Cleveland man) has had a Burglary warrant issued. Some of the stolen property has been recovered; search warrants were served at a residence and a store in Cleveland, and the investigation continues.


Crocker Park Problems

A trio of underage drinkers saw their behavior go unappreciated on May 22 at 1:02 a.m. Calls from Crocker Park security staff and a resident on Savannah Pkwy about their noise and antics led to the arrest of a 18-year-old Cleveland man (DCI, Underage Consumption, Possession of Marijuana), a 19-year-old Westlake woman (DCI, Underage Consumption, Certain Acts Prohibited (she had someone else’s driver license on her)). At least they had the insight to cut their losses. The 19-year-old Westlake man with them repeatedly used vulgarities towards the officers, fought with them, and threatened to kill one of them. He reaped a whirlwind of charges:  DCI, Underage Consumption, Resisting Arrest, Menacing, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

A staff member reported $700 worth of clothing disappeared from a table in a Main St. store on May 16. The theft was noticed on May 15 around 8PM. Nobody knows who took it or how.


Cruze Control

A Columbia Station woman’s 2014 Chevrolet Cruze had the passenger front window broken and a purse taken while parked on Sperry Dr. on May 16. The purse was recovered (sans a checkbook) nearby; the wanted male from the previous item is a possible suspect.


Road Rage

Road rage erupted on May 16 at 4:34PM on Crocker Rd. when a white male in his 20s got out of his vehicle and kicked the driver’s rear door of a 2014 Buick Regal. The Buick’s female driver stated that the kicker had also cut her off on I90.



2 bikes worth a total of $300 were stolen from behind a Detroit Rd. business on the night of May 18. They were not locked; they are described as a custom orange BMX and a white Huffy mountain bike.

Somebody in California used a Bradley Rd. woman’s debit card info to buy $48 worth of merchandise online. The account has been closed.

A Canterbury Rd. woman found a check had been taken out of her checkbook and used to make a $186 purchase in Cleveland on March 15. The theft was discovered when she looked over her bank statement; she had workers in her house a few days prior to the check being passed.


Domestic Violence

A 43-year-old South Bay Dr. man was arrested for Domestic Violence (a felony due to his prior conviction for same) on May 20 after a 10:38PM incident with his 32-year-old wife. He hit her on the head with a cell phone after they argued over the subject of a phone conversation she was having.


Bad Vibe

A Hidden Acres Dr. woman could not get her 2003 Pontiac Vibe back from her ex-beau (a 48-year-old Stow man), whom she had allowed to use it until their relationship went south last April. He strung her along with empty promises to buy it from her, but when she reported it to WPD as an Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle on May 21, he became alive with abusive texts and phone conversations. Among the texts he sent were photos of cash, a la “show me the money”. A warrant has been issued for him and the car entered into NCIC.  The owner found the car in her driveway on May 22.


Just Sad

A 19-year-old North Olmsted forced his way into his grandparents’ Columbia Rd. home on May 23 at 2:11AM. He was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana and arrested. The grandparents did not want to prosecute for the break-in.

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