Bay Police: Intoxicated Juvenile at Skate Park

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Bay Police responded to a report of an intoxicated juvenile at Bay Skate Park on July 8 at 1915 hours. Patrons at the Skate Park called to complain about an intoxicated juvenile who was running into trees and waving around a bottle of vodka.  Officers quickly located the 16 year old male Bay resident and arrested him for underage consumption/possession of alcohol.  He will be filed on in CCJC.

Kids Break into Vacationers Home

On 07/09/2014, at 1900 hrs, BVPD responded to a West Oakland residence on the report of a burglary.  Upon arrival, officers learned a neighbor he had chased a group of kids out of the house after they broke into it.  He did not know how long they were in the house before he noticed them, but the owners were on vacation and no one should have been in the house.  There was a strong odor of burnt marijuana in the house.  Police are investigating.

Neighborly Altercation

On 07/08/2014, at 0705 hrs, BVPD officers responded to a Kenilworth address on the report of a verbal altercation between two neighbors.  They were arguing because one neighbor used a weed killer to kill some of her weeds and it appeared as though some of the neighbor’s flowers may have perished as a result.  They were counseled and advised on a course of action.

Car Borrowed, Not Stolen

On 07/08/2014, at 0806 hrs, a Cliff Dr. resident called to report his Mercedes had been stolen overnight.  About an hour later, while officers were investigating the incident, the owner’s friend returned home with the Mercedes.  He had borrowed it and did not let the owner know.  The owner did not want to press charges.

Numerous Car Break-Ins

On 07/11/2014, at 0335 hrs, a Millard resident called to report two males were attempting to break into her car by throwing a brick at the window.  She yelled at them and they ran off.  Officers responded to the area, but were unable to locate either of the subjects.  Numerous cars in the area were entered and rummaged through.  One of them had a rock thrown through the window.  Several of the cars had items stolen.  BVPD reminds residents to please remove valuables from your cars at night and lock the doors.


On 07/12/2014, at 0200 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Bassett Rd. near the railroad tracks for a traffic violation.  After speaking with the 22 yoa female, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking.  Field sobriety tests were administered, and as result, the Valley View resident was arrested for OVI.  She will face charges at RRMC.

Drug Scale, Brass Knuckles Found in Car

On 07/12/2014, at 2035 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Columbia near Eaton way because the registered owner was showing a suspended license.  The registered owner was driving, and was cited for the offense.  While inventorying the vehicle for the tow, officers located alcohol, brass knuckles, and scale used to weigh drugs.  The 19 yoa male was arrested and charged accordingly.  He will face charges at RRMC.

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