Carman Live! At Church on the Rise

DSC_4362-17Popular Christian entertainer Carman showed he’s still got it during a performance at Westlake’s Church on the Rise Sat., Aug. 2. About 400 guests cheered the singer/songwriter as he took the stage and delivered a powerful concert that featured old hits as well as new material. “Tonight you will see that living for Jesus is still my ‘Plan A’ and there is no ‘Plan B,” said Carman, who has battled back from a cancer diagnosis that sidelined him through 2013. The current concert tour is his first in 14 years. “After an 8-month battle with cancer, I’m cancer-free and once again presenting the Gospel set to music,” he said. Carman’s still got it, agreed audience members. He’s beating cancer in Jesus’ name. Carman’s greatest accomplishment is leading 1 million souls to Christ in his lifetime. No Plan B!



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