Westlake Police: Man Kidnaps Himself to Raise Ransom Money

westlake police

Talk about your low self esteem! Westlake Police were contacted last week about a man who faked his own kidnapping and then settled for a measly $310 in ransom money!

Just who was this guy? Westlake Police report he is a 30-year-old Grafton man who repeatedly tried to dupe his mom and aunt into believing that he had been kidnapped by drug dealers between Sept. 25-28.

The women knew that he is addicted to heroin. He sent text messages from his girlfriend’s phone asking for them to ransom him. Ransom demands ranged from a high of $2000 to a bargain basement $70.

A figure of $310 was settled upon. A controlled delivery was set up in Westlake. At 11:55 p.m. on Sept. 28, the “victim” drove up to the delivery point in the girlfriend’s car. He was arrested for Making False Alarms, Possession of Criminal Tools, and Driving Under Suspension.

Of Mice and (Wo)men

A mouse came to a bad end on Oct. 2 at 11:05 a.m. in Westlake when a woman spotted it inside her hubcap while at a Center Ridge Rd. doctor’s office. The woman was frightened by Mickey or Minnie. So Mr. Jingles’ mortal remains were removed by a kindly Westlake police officer who answered the call. “Of Mice and Men” – that is the title of a novel by American author John Steinbeck.

Make Up Your Mind!

An Olmsted Township man arrested for fighting in a Westlake tavern on Oct. 2 was hauled off to jail after being judged intoxicated and arrested for DCI. At the jail, he insisted upon being given a breath test. When the machine was placed in front of him, he then refused the test. He had been in a scuffle with another (unknown male) on Oct. 2 at 10:43 p.m.. They had been fighting in a Center Ridge Road bar parking lot when the bar owner broke it up. The other male left before police arrived.

Dover Center Evacuation

A 46-year-old Rocky River man drank so much on Oct. 1 that he reverted to an infantile behavior and lost control of his bowels at 3:55 a.m. where he was arrested on Dover Center Road. That is one DCI case all involved would like to forget.

Identity Theft

Somebody used a Lansing Dr. woman’s identity to take out an online installment loan for $2700 in August. The loan company contacted her about some missed payments; she in turn reported the matter to WPD on Sept. 29.

Thief Opens Garage Door

A Hunters Point man was awakened at 2:07AM on Sept. 30 by his garage door going up. He found that his unlocked 2013 Honda station wagon had been rummaged and his garage door opener taken. The neighbor’s 2009 Pontiac was also gone through; nothing was missing. A gray hatchback (possibly a Ford or Mazda) was seen leaving the area.


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