Best of the Blues: This Week’s Top Police Stories

Here is the Best of the West Shore Police Blotter for the week.

Man Kidnaps Himself for Ransom Money

Talk about your low self esteem! Westlake Police were contacted last week about a man who faked his own kidnapping and then settled for a measly $310 in ransom money!

Just who was this guy? Westlake Police report he is a 30-year-old Grafton man who repeatedly tried to dupe his mom and aunt into believing that he had been kidnapped by drug dealers between Sept. 25-28.

The women knew that he is addicted to heroin. He sent text messages from his girlfriend’s phone asking for them to ransom him. Ransom demands ranged from a high of $2000 to a bargain basement $70.

A figure of $310 was settled upon. A controlled delivery was set up in Westlake. At 11:55 p.m. on Sept. 28, the “victim” drove up to the delivery point in the girlfriend’s car. He was arrested for Making False Alarms, Possession of Criminal Tools, and Driving Under Suspension.

Robber Likes Westlake Because “That is Where the Money Is”

Slick Willie Sutton, a famous 20th Century bank robber who spent half his life in jail and reportedly stole more than $2 million, once stated he robbed banks because “that is where the money is.”

Westlake Police ran across a lesser alleged thief last week who used the same mantra. “He stated that he steals in Westlake ‘because that’s where the money is,’” report the Westlake PD in this week’s Police Blotter.

The 22-year-old Cleveland man was spotted looking into cars at the Westlake Holiday Inn on at 2:03 in the morning! When he was stopped as he left in a 2002 Ford Taurus, his license was found to be suspended.

Power tools taken from a nearby painting business and from a Michigan man’s Ford pickup (a guest at the Holiday Inn) were recovered in the suspect’s car. The suspect faces RSP, Possession of Criminal Tools, Criminal Trespass, and DUS charges. It is unknown if he was involved in similar recent thefts in the area.

The car’s owner is a 20-year-old Medina woman who the suspect says is his girlfriend. She faces a charge of Wrongful Entrustment, as the suspect has been stopped and cited or arrested for numerous.

As the man found out, Westlake is where the jail is, too.

Westlake Police: Right Guy, Wrong House, Bad Night

Taking a guy home to wrong house meant a bad night for a pair of Westlake teens last week. One drunken 17-year-old Westlake girl tried to drive a drunken 17-year-old Westlake boy home on Sept. 21 at 1:20 a.m. They ended up at the wrong house on the right street and woke up the residents by trying to enter.

The boy was arrested for DCI and Curfew and was walked to his actual home, where his parents were awakened and took custody of him. The driver was arrested for OVI, BAC (.163 by breath), Underage Consumption, and Curfew. Her mom came to get her at the station.

Bay Police: “See Something? Say Something”

Bay Police report that alert residents can contribute to keeping the community safe by reporting suspicious activities.

On Sept. 24 at 10:44 a.m., a male resident on Salem Drive reported two white males walking around the neighborhood. They appeared to be looking at houses in an unusual way. The resident gave a very good description of the two and said he last saw them walking on Tanglewood Lane.

Officers were dispatched to the area and found the males on Breezewood Drive. Both were identified and found to have extensive criminal records for burglary.

One of the males had gloves on his person and when asked what the gloves were for, stated, “My hands get cold”. It was a warm, sunny day.

Their vehicle was found parked on Salem Drive, near Saddler Road. Officers determined no crime had been committed. The two Clevelanders left east-bound on Lake Road, under police escort, until they were into Rocky River.

A Rocky River patrol car just happened to be in the area to escort them through their city. A call was placed to the Salem Drive resident who originally called the police and he was thanked for preventing what most likely would have been one or more burglaries in his neighborhood.

“We know it sounds trite, but “SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.” report Bay Police. The Bay Village Police Department is always happy to respond to calls received about persons, or any observation, of a suspicious nature. Just call (440) 871-1234.

Parachuter Worries Residents

A man who had launched a powered parachute in Cahoon Park in Sept. 15 caused concern for witnesses in Bay Village. On 09/15/2014, at 1250 hrs, the Westlake Police Dept. requested help in locating and identifying the male. Earlier, he had been seen above Westlake in a powered parachute. The male had flown low over Crocker Park and also had caused alarm within a couple of elementary schools in area. This person apparently launches from Cahoon Park in Bay Village. BVPD officer searched and reported the male had left Bay before Westlake called.

North Olmsted

A Shoplifter’s Story: “Pay it Foward” Gone Wrong

A North Olmsted Shoplifter’s story offers a great message on how to ruin your life with one trip to Home Depot.

You might call it a case of “‘Paying It Forward’ Gone Wrong!

Here’s the storyline:

On 09/15/14 at approximately 1612 hours, two North Olmsted Police Officers were dispatched to Home Depot, 26241 Brookpark Rd., in reference to a male shoplifter in custody.

Upon arrival, they met with the complainant, Home Depot Loss Prevention Officer Jon Cook, who reported the following:

On 09/15/2014 at approximately 1545 hours, Cook observed a white male park his Saturn in the lot outside the lumber department and enter Home Depot. Cook observed the suspect proceed directly to the paint department where he selected two paint brushes valued at $14.97 each. The suspect was observed removing the security label from the paintbrushes and concealing them in his sweatshirt. He then proceeded to the hardware/tool department where he was observed selecting several drill bit sets and concealed same on his person. The suspect proceeded to the front of Home Depot, bypassed all points of sale, and exited the store through the contractor entrance/exit, failing to pay for any of the concealed merchandise on his person. At that point, Loss Prevention Officer Cook approached the suspect and identified himself as Home Depot Loss Prevention.

LP Cook escorted the suspect back to the LP Office where Cook recovered the two paint brushes from the man’s sweatshirt and three drill bit sets valued at $19.97, $5.97, and $14.97. from his pants pockets.

Total amount of the stolen recovered merchandise was $70.85.

The recovered merchandise was held by Home Depot as evidence.

The suspect was advised of Miranda. He stated that he understood. An officer asked the suspect if everything LP Cook had stated to about this theft offense was true to the best of his knowledge. The suspect stated yes.

The officer asked the man why he was stealing those items. The man stated that he had an employee who was involved with drugs and had stolen from him. He further stated he did not pursue charges against the male, but terminated his employment with the company.

The suspect stated he was just trying to recoup some of the items that his employee had stolen from him. You might call it a case of Paying it Forward Gone Wrong.

The suspect was handcuffed, searched, and escorted out of Home Depot. He was placed in the rear of 5210 by Ptlm. Mikla and transported to NOPD Jail. He was charged with Petty Theft, ORC 2913.02(A)(l) / M1. He was later released on signature bond to appear in RRMC on 09/3012014 at 0900 hours.Case closed by arrest.

Fairview Park

Pregnant Woman’s Car Rammed on I-480

Fairview Park Police received numerous calls of a vehicle flipped over on I-480 west bound near the 8 mile marker on Sept. 15 at 2304 hours. Upon arrival police found a 2007 Toyota flipped on its roof, having slid over 500 feet. The driver was a pregnant 34 year old N Ridgeville woman who suffered non-incapacitating injuries in the collision. She reported that a dark blue pickup truck changed lanes from the slow speed lane to the 2nd lane, striking her vehicle and sending it out of control. The truck left the scene, never stopping. The female driver was taken to Fairview Hospital for treatment via the Fairview Park Fire Department.

Passed Out in the Pews

Fairview Park Officers were called to St Angela’s Church on Sept. 18 at noontime on a report of a male passed out in the pews. Upon arrival, officers found the male as reported with a bottle of whiskey at his feet. He was awoken and appeared obviously intoxicated. He thought he was at the Salvation Army. He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication and returned to the station. A check was run and he was found to have a warrant from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. He was held until sober and to be turned over to them on their warrant.

Rocky River

Drunk Driver Mans Mobile Home

Whoever said it is safer to drink at home probably didn’t have mobile homes in mind.

Rocky River Police responded to I-90 after Cleveland Police reported they were chasing a mobile home which was being operated by a driver believed to be intoxicated on Sept. 24 near midnight.

Officers located the vehicle and attempted to stop it as they pursued the vehicle into Westlake.

Westlake Police deployed stop sticks and the mobile home continued fleeing for another half-mile before coming to a stop. The driver of the vehicle exited and was arrested. He had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and had trouble standing. The passenger was also heavily intoxicated and was barely able to stand and had urinated on himself.

The driver was arrested and charged with OVI, Failure to Reinstate, Weaving, and Failure to Comply. The passenger was arrested for Disorderly Conduct Intoxication.

North Olmsted

Heroin Drives Shoplifter to Crime

North Olmsted Police arrested a shoplifter last week who said his heroin habit drove drove him to crime.

The scene unfolded on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at approximately 16:19 hours, when two North Olmsted patrolmen responded to the Home Depot located at Great Northern for a male shoplifter being detained.

Dispatch informed that the male has several outstanding warrants for theft. Upon arrival, officers met with Jon Cook, a loss prevention agent for Home Depot.

Mr. Cook reported that at approximately 16:00 hours, he observed the suspect enter the electrical department with an empty 20 gallon tote inside a shopping cart. he suspect selected 3 rolls of wire and he placed the items in the 20 gallon tote. He proceeded to the front of the store where he stopped for a moment looking around. He then proceeded past the cash registers without making an attempt to pay for the merchandise.

The suspect exited the store and Cook approached him in the parking lot, identifying himself as a loss prevention agent. The two men retumed to the loss prevention office and the police were called.

The merchandise recovered from this theft offense is as follows: 2 rolls of 50′ wire valued at $63.27 each, one 500′ roll of wire valued at $ 222.00 and one 20 gallon tote valued at $ 6.47 for a total value of $355.01. The recovered merchandise was retumed to the store.

Police advised suspect of  his rights and he claimed that he understood his rights. Police asked the suspect, “Are the allegations true? Did you steal the merchandise?” The suspect admitted to the theft.

The suspect explained to police that he is a heroin addict. He is stealing to support his habit. He signed a notice advising him not to retum to the property or he may be subject to arrest.

Police transported man back to the station where he was charged with petty theft ORC 2913.02 (A) (l), Ml and processed. He was released on a signature bond and assigned a Rocky River Municipal Court date of 10107/2014. He was transferred to the Lorain County Sheriffs Office.

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