Rocky River Police: Leaf Blower Gone with the Wind

rocky river police

A Glendale Drive resident reports blowing leaves with his leaf blower.  He took a break to answer a phone call and left his blower on the front lawn.  He looked out and saw a female exit from a white panel van and steal his blower and take off in the van which was being driven by another individual.  Rocky River Police also report a Nov. 4 complainant who left his truck unlocked and his wallet which contained $700 cash, ID card and credit cards stolen.

Westshore Unitarian Church Theft

Employee reports a man picked up his daughter from daycare and on his way out stole another child’s Nintendo DS Game System while exiting the building.


Resident reports her purse stolen while she was at the Rocky River Senior Center playing cards.  Cash, checkbook, and ID taken. Managers at Beardens report an employee stealing from the daily deposits.  Approximate total amount of theft was $1485.00.  The employee was arrested and charged with theft.

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