Fake Plates Front Westgate Shoplifting Caper

Fairview Park Police 1387552968Fairview Park Police were called to Kohls at Westgate Shopping Center on a report of two female shoplifters fleeing in a vehicle after refusing to stop on Nov. 26 at 1644 hours.  Officers arrived and got a plate from the security officer. The officer viewed video surveillance and observed the thefts and  the suspects cutting tags off merchandise and then leaving the store. When confronted outside the store, they refused to stop, hopped in the car and took off. Officers following up on the plate found it belonged to a North Olmsted body shop. It was a loaner for someone having their car worked on. Further, the car had just been turned in. The customer’s information was obtained and was called by the officer, advising her to return the merchandise. But the offer was not for a Get Out of Jail Free card. About 15 minutes later, when both 24 year old female suspects arrived with over $500 in stolen merchandise, they were arrested for petty theft, processed, and released on bond pending their appearance in Rocky River Municipal Court.

Prowlers Busted in Metroparks Area

Fairview Park Police were called to assist Cleveland Police and North Olmsted Police after Cleveland chased a car to the Fairview/N Olmsted border on Mastick Road on  Nov. 25 at 2315 hours. Four or five suspects fled the car and the Metropark Ranger and Cleveland police canine units were called in to help in the search. About two hours later, our officers received information of prowlers in the Brookway Road area. Fairview Park officers apprehended four juvenile suspects over the next 40 minutes. At least six vehicles in the neighborhood were found to have been entered and gone through. The four suspects were turned over to Cleveland Police but will also be filed on in Juvenile Court for the vehicle break-ins in Fairview Park.

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Reckless Operation

Police received several reports of a vehicle E/B in the W/B lanes of Lorain Rd, causing numerous near collisions on Nov. 24. Further info obtained that it then went S/B on W 201 St. An officer got behind the car near North Park Dr and observed it left of center. As it continued south it was at times driving in the middle of the road, straddling the N/B and S/B lanes. The officer attempted pulling the car over and thought it had stopped, but it continued on again until he pulled in front of it on Mastick Rd near W 210. The 26 year old driver from N Olmsted had indicators of impairment but no alcohol was detected. It was found that he had not slept in three days. The officer called paramedics to evaluate the driver, but he refused transport. He was cited for Reckless Operation and turned over to his wife after being advised not to drive the rest of the day.

Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft

An apartment resident at 20120 Lorain Rd reported the attempted theft of his motor vehicle overnight on Nov. 27.. He stated he came out to his 2001 Jeep Cherokee and noticed the small window broken. Upon getting in the car, signs of an attempt to “peel” the column were evident. The glove box and vehicle occupants had been rifled through, but nothing known to be missing. There was also an attempt on another Jeep the same night, this one a 1998 Grand Cherokee. No suspects at time of reports.


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