Rocky River Police: Holiday Meltdown

rocky river police

Rocky River Police Officers responded to Bidwell Road for a report of a person falling from a 2nd story window on Dec. 10 at 0331 hours.

When officers arrived, no one was found outside but a 2nd story window was open and officers knocked to check on the well being of the resident.

A female homeowner answered the door and another female came outside from the house and was intoxicated, agitated and confrontational with officers.  She had slurred speech and smelled of an alcoholic beverage.

The RRFD paramedics also came to check on the female, who began to jump around to prove that she was fine.  The paramedics began to evaluate her and she started to yell at them to arrest her.

She left and went in the house then came back out threatening to punch one of the officers in the face when she was asked for ID.

She was told she was under arrest and began pulling away and flailing her arms.

She was eventually handcuffed and placed into the rear of a police car.  She continued being verbally abusive, yelling and screaming.  She slammed her head repeatedly against the police car while in the back seat and then later against a wall at the PD.

She was transported to RRPD and then to a hospital.  Charged with Disorderly Conduct Intoxicated, Menacing, and Resisting Arrest.  Happy holidays!

Picture This

A Parent reported their  juvenile daughter received an inappropriate photo of an adult male  from an unknown person on her Kindle on Dec. 9.  Currently being investigated.

Not Welcome

An employee of Fitworks reported that a male who had been trespassed off the gym property on several prior occasions was now at the gym again on Dec. 8.  He was arrested and charged with Criminal Trespass.

Stumble Bum

Police observed a male stumbling, losing balance, and falling into street while walking on Detroit Road last week. The officer spoke with the male who admitted being intoxicated.  He had an odor of alcoholic beverages coming from his person, slurred speech and was unable to answer simple questions.  He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and also found to be in possession of marijuana.  Charged with DCI and possession of marijuana.

Heroin Addict

A Caller reported seeing a male in all black clothing entering multiple vehicles on Dec. 8.  Officer located the male in a car and arrested him.  He admitted stealing changed.  Found on him was a knife, change, designer sunglasses, 5 pills he had stolen, and a womans change purse.  He admitted being a recovering heroin addict and had Suboxone in his wallet without a prescription.  Arrested and charged with Theft.


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