Handling Grief at the Holidays

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hoyAs the holidays approach, many of our friends ask us what to say or offer those who have been touched by loss. We recognize that life will never be the same for the bereaved and so we are sharing tips for handling the holidays from one of our favorite grief experts. Dr. Wm. “Bill” Hoy offers 7 proven principles on dealing with the challenges of the holidays when compounded by grief. Thank you for your care and concern for those in need this holiday season. Please feel free to share these points with someone you think might benefit from the following suggestions:

  1. Admit that the holidays are difficult-holidays can be challenging any year but perhaps they feel overwhelming this year due to your loss. Admitting that you feel numb, or angry, sad or exhausted  and that you cannot do everything is a good beginning point. Go easy on yourself.
  1. Make your plans and check them twice-evaluate your calendar and your energy level as you plan. Spend time with supportive folks and avoid emotionally draining activities. This may mean short cuts in the kitchen, in place of traditional time consuming preparations, and that is okay!
  1. Consider the cost of withdrawal- limiting your socializing is a good thing to a point. But try to balance solitude with time spent with good friends who understand the ups and downs of the journey you are on. Spend time with those who are comfortable to laugh and cry with.
  1. Create something new-while traditions are good for keeping us grounded, trying something new can be energizing.A new recipe, ritual, candle, song or location for the family to try together will become a new tradition.
  1. Contemplate spiritual roots-set aside time for inspirational reading, prayer and worship.
  1. Take good care of your physical well-beingrest, hydrate, eat healthy, avoid excessive sugars, fats, alcohol and caffeine.
  1. Reach out for assistance-seek out support from professionals, read recommendations and discuss with others on the same grief journey in support groups.

We are always here to help you and your families with resources on our websitewww.buschcares.com.  We hope these hints will give you the words you need as you encounter families who may need a bit of encouragement to navigate right now. To download a printable version of these tips to share with others please click the link Dr. Bill Hoy’s Holiday Tips

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