Rocky River Police: Restaurant Employee Steals to Feed Addiction

rocky river police

An employee who admitted to stealing to support a drug habit was at the center of a large amount of cash missing from The Rustic Restaurant. Rocky River Police were called with a report that the office door was compromised and broken into on Dec. 13.  Officers located the employee at his residence in Cleveland. His vehicle was impounded and later an inventory of the vehicle was conducted and some of the money was recovered.  The employee was charged with breaking and entering with more charges pending.  Employee admits stealing to support drug addiction.

Attempted Theft at Senior Center

An officer observed a juvenile male trying to enter parked cars in the Rocky  River Senior Center on Dec. 15.  The officer approached the juvenile and he dropped cigarettes of his pocket and walked towards the officer.  The officer attempted to pat down the juvenile and he resisted pulling his hands and arms away in an attempt to get away.  The juvenile was arrested and found to have skipped school and had been drinking.

Firearm Found in Backback

A vehicle  was stopped after an officer smelled strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle on Dec. 12.  The vehicle also did not have a functioning license plate light.  Officer spoke with the driver who had glossy and bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of marijuana.  Driver admitted to having marijuana and handed a joint to the officer.  The driver and passenger were asked to exit the vehicle and a search was conducted resulting in a loaded .40 caliber handgun being located in a backpack.  The passenger was cited for possession of marijuana.  The driver was cited for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, improper handling of firearm in motor vehicle, license plate light.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

12/16, 1846hrs,  Beachwood,Criminal Damage

Resident reports a strand of lights had been cut.  Resident stated that this is the 3rd time the lights have been cut in the past 2 weeks.

12/16, 1723hrs, Detroit Road, Criminal Damage

Resident reports 2 tires slashed on her vehicle which was parked in Beachcliff Square.  An obscenity was scratched into the hood of the vehicle and the drivers side mirror was torn off.

12/15, 1915hrs, Morewood Parkway, Theft

Resident reports a package was delivered to their residence but never received as it was stolen.

12/14, 1226hrs, Detroit , Criminal Damage

Victim reports the drivers side window was smashed out on her vehicle.

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