Westlake Police: Online Customer Smells a Rat

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Westlake Police report that a savvy Westlake man smelled a rat on Dec. 27 when an online buyer sent an $1890 check to purchase the man’s $600 bike he had for sale on Craig’s List. Of course, it was all a big mistake – the phony buyer said just deposit the check and send him a money order for the difference.  The check was counterfeit and the local man is not out a penny.


Lock Your Stuff


A Westlake woman left her $250 IPhone in her unlocked car while she patronized a Center Ridge Rd. store on Dec. 26 at 5:20P M. It was gone when she came back.


$1600 worth of cashiers checks were taken from a Hilliard Blvd. man’s unlocked Ford pickup on the evening of Dec. 30. $3000 cash was taken from the kitchen of the same resident; entry into the house may have been gained by using the truck’s garage door opener and them walking into the kitchen from the garage.


Let’s Get High


A 23-year-old North Ridgeville man and a 28-year-old WV man were sitting in the out-of-stater’s car at a First St. business on Dec. 26 at 8:36PM preparing to smoke some marijuana. An officer spotted them and also found an unloaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun in the glovebox. 2 loaded magazines were found elsewhere in the passenger compartment. Both were cited for Possession of Marijuana and Drug paraphernalia; the WV man was also arrested for Using Weapons while Intoxicated.




A 47-year-old Westlake woman tried to push a shopping cart out of a Detroit Rd. store without paying on Dec. 31 at 1:17PM. She was detained by store employees and arrested for Petty Theft. The items were worth $272.00. She was also banned from returning to the store.


Run of Bad Luck


A 37-year-old Lakewood woman had a run of misfortune on Dec. 28. Her $350 purse (containing credit cards, gifts cards, ATM card, and a $250 wallet) either fell off or was stolen from a baggage cart at the Holiday Inn. She then found that her 2009 Honda had been hit-skipped in the parking lot.


Fistful of Dollars


A dispute over money led to a Dec. 30 disturbance at a Dover Center Rd. home. A 22-year-old Westlake man wanted his pay, but got punched in the face instead at 12:50PM. The 21-year-old male resident claims that the other fellow spit on him. The City Prosecutor will review the case.


Forced Entry


A Weymouth Cr. Man’s apartment door was the site of an attempted forced entry on the evening of Dec. 26. The deadbolt prevented any break-in, and the resident suspects a neighbor who is being evicted.


Happy New Year  


A 35-year-old Cleveland woman showed up intoxicated at her mother’s Dover Center Rd. house on Dec. 28 at 7:08PM to take her 3-year-old child home. She was arrested for DCI instead.


A 42-year-old Avon man thought Dover Center Rd. was W. 65th on New Year’s Day at 2:41AM He had been trying to flag passing cars down and was found to be intoxicated. When properly oriented as to his location, he had no idea how he got to Westlake and was arrested for DCI.




Two men in their 20s were observed looking into a skylight of an Ashbourne Dr. home at 2:08AM on Dec. 30. They had possibly gained roof access from adjacent units under construction and left in a dark Ford sedan.




A Westwood Rd. man suspects window installers in the theft of a ring and necklace while they worked at his home on several December days.  He reported the matter on Jan. 1.

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