Westlake Police Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Blow Out

Lots of people couldn’t make it until St. Patrick’s Day to indulge in misbehavior. Here’s a Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Blow-Out featuring those miscreants who can’t wait ‘til Tuesday from Westlake Police.Leprechaun

Beer Blast Goes Off the Rails

An 11:08 PM beer bash went off the rails on March 6 at a Clemens Rd. motel, report Westlake Police. Noise and other carryings-on caused staff to call WPD. The 18-year-old host (Brook Park man) and his guests had fled, leaving behind liquor, marijuana, pot paraphernalia, and tobacco products.  The party-giver can expect warrants to be issued for keg law, Drug Paraphernalia, POM, and Underage Possession of Alcohol.

Fisticuffs at Dave & Buster’s

Line jumping led to a fight at Dave and Busters on March 7 at 11:10PM. The City Prosecutor ruled that a 20-year-old Richmond Hts. man will face an Assault charge after hitting a 53-year-old South Amherst man in the face.

Jousting Joggers at Westlake Rec

The Westlake Rec, Center indoor running track was the scene of a contretemps on the afternoon of March 8. A 60-year-old Westlake man twice jostled a 51-year-old Bay Village woman, who told her 66-year-old husband. The two men squared off in the lobby and the hubby pushed the jostler. Prosecutor to rule.

Fast & Furious

A husband and wife fought as they drove along I-90 on March 15 at 5:18PM. The 52-year-old female grabbed the steering wheel and threw beer on the 58-year-old male. Both had been drinking and were found at their Bassett Rd. home. The wife was treated for a nose injury; she was arrested for DV and Obstructing Driver’s Control. The husband was also arrested for DV.


Mystery Shopper Scammed

A 72-year-ol Weymouth Cr. man is out $2850 after signing up for a “mystery shopper” scam. A worthless check for that amount was mailed to him, with instructions to deposit it in his personal account. Per instructions, he then wired $2450 ($400 being his “pay” from the fraudster) to an address in PR. His bank notified him of the loss on March 11.

Money or Drugs

A threatening text demanding money or drugs was sent to an Inverness Cr. man on March 14 at 4:16PM. The sender stated that the recipient and another male would be killed if his demands were not met. It was found that the message (likely sent to the victim by mistake) originated in NC. Police there were contacted to follow up.


Attn: Fraud Dept.

A Dellwod Dr. man found out the value of a credit monitoring service he uses on March 4. It reported 3 attempts to open credit card accounts in his name; 2 were thwarted, while one was successful. The latter had $3000 in purchases made. He notified WPD of the incidents on March 10.

The IRS notified a Wingedfoot Dr. man on March 10 that more info was needed about his 2014 tax return. You guessed it; he hasn’t filed yet. Same for a Lands End man on March 12. And a Newbury Dr. woman’s March 11 attempt to file her federal taxes online was rebuffed due to a phony return already on file.

A Barclay Blvd. couple found that both US and state tax returns were falsely filed using their IDs; they reported the fraud on March 9.

A Dover Center Rd. woman reported on March 12 that two attempts had been made to open credit card accounts using her maiden name and a former address. She had been notified of the attempts by her credit monitoring service.

A Beaver Creek Dr. man received a letter from the Oh. Dept. of Taxation about a return that he hadn’t filed on March 13. The false document had someone else’s name and the victim’s address. No refund had been issued by the state.


A Bay Village woman lost a laptop, purse, wallet, and computer bag (total value $2880) after her 2014 Jeep was broken into on the afternoon of March 6. The driver’s side rear window was broken while it was parked at FX Fitness on Columbia Rd.

A $321 dress was stolen from a Georgia Dr. home on March. 5 after it was delivered around 3:15PM.

A 68-year-old Westlake man left his wallet behind at a Detroit Rd. store on March 7. CCTV showed a 26-year old male (now-former employee, of Fairview Park) take it. He was arrested for Petty Theft. A hypo was found in the jacket he left behind, so Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments was added to his woes.

$431 worth of clothing was stolen from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on March 9. The suspect (27-year-old Lorain woman) was recognized as an employee of a nearby store; she turned herself in the next day and was arrested for Petty Theft.

A 30-year-old Westlake man with an expired concealed carry permit was driving on Crocker Rd. without headlights on March 10 at 2:44AM. He was found to have a loaded .40cal semiauto handgun in the car, along with some marijuana. He was cited for the traffic offense and POM and arrested for failing to advise the officer of the weapon’s presence (a requirement of the concealed carry law).

A Cinnamon Way resident turned in a wallet found in her yard on March 11. It turned out to have been stolen from its owner’s unlocked vehicle on the night of March 7; it had been parked at another address on the same street. A purse, sunglasses, and IPod are still missing.

A female suspect discarded $42 worth of toiletries when confronted by store security on March 12 at 7:56PM. She had taken them from a Detroit Rd. store and fled in an unknown direction.

A 28-year-old Elyria woman was caught stealing merchandise worth $197.00 from a Main St. store on March 13 at 7:53PM. She was made to retrieve it from under the 10-month-old child in her baby carrier where she had hidden it. She then left the scene, but was stopped nearby. She faces Petty Theft and Child Endangering charges. Items from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store were also recovered; staff there has not decided whether to prosecute.

A Sheffield Lake man’s $375 tablet was taken after he left it behind in a meeting room at the Inn of Westlake (1100 Crocker Rd.). The theft occurred on March 14 between 6p-7p.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to cut the catalytic converter off of a Sheffield Lake woman’s 2008 VW Rabbit on the evening of March 15. It was parked at a Detroit Rd. store.