Westlake Police: Nixle Leads to Return of Alzheimer’s Patient

A North Olmsted man suffering from Alzheimer’s wandered away from his residence near the Westlake city line on April 1 at approximately 1 pm. In case he had walked into Westlake, Westlake Police sent out a missing person BOLO (Be On the Lookout) via the Nixle messaging system at 3:51 PM. A neighbor of the missing man received that Nixle message, found him, and took him back home by 4:11PM.Westlake Police logo

To sign up for Nixle, go to http://www.cityofwestlake.org/pdfs/News/HowToUseNixle.pdf.

You do not have to be a Westlake resident to sign up for Westlake’s Nixle messaging service.

Seasonal IRS Disorder

Westlake Police report that the continuing saga of false tax returns is running strong as April 15 approaches: on March 30 Westwood Rd. woman (US); March 30 King Arthur Ct. man (US); March 30 Sperry’s Forge Ct man (US);

Lock Your Stuff

$2400 worth of copper welding wire was taken from several locations at a Crocker Rd. jobsite on the weekend of March 28-29.

The catalytic converter was stolen off of an Avon Lake woman’s 2002 Honda Accord during the day on March 30 while it was parked at the RTA lot on Sperry Dr. RTA PD was notified of the theft.

Meat His Match  

An industrial meat slicer proved too heavy for a male to steal from the Inn at Westlake on March 30 at lunchtime. An employee returning from his midday meal found the suspect in the kitchen. That suspect could not give a good account of himself and was sent on his way. The slicer was found moved to near an exit door shortly thereafter.

Same day, same location as the preceding item: a construction worker dropped his $700.00 phone in a hallway while carrying a heavy item. When he went back to get it, it was gone.

A $500 cell phone was stolen from a 12-year-old Ravenna girl on April 1 at 9:30PM while at Dave and Busters on First St. She had set it down to play a game; when she was distracted by a black female asking her questions, a black male with a cornrow hairdo took the phone and ran away.


A 17-year-old female High School student was cited for POM Possession of Marijuana) on March 31. Staff noted that she was not acting normally and found her with marijuana when she went to her car. She was released to her mom.

Drunks Behaving Badly

An intoxicated 45-year-old Cleveland woman was either invited over or invited herself over to a Salem Pkwy. man’s house on April 1. She took a cab, which the man either did or did not agree to pay for. At 12:53AM, he called to have her removed. She was arrested for DCI. She was also wanted by Middleburg Hts PD; they wished her to be told to turn herself in when sober.

A 59-year-old Lorain man peeled the tires on his car in front of a patrolman at 12:52AM on April 2 on Columbia Rd. That driver was found to have a suspended license and was cited for Peeling Tires and DUS. He also was cited for Open Container, owing to the cold 24oz. can of beer (which had spilled on the floor) he had with him. That might put one in mind of the old saw: never drink and drive; you might hit a bump and spill your drink.

A 51-year-old uncle (had been drinking) and his 26-year-old niece (of Olmsted Township) argued on April 1 at 8:24PM at the man’s mother’s Bradley Rd. home. The man and the woman’s children are staying there too while the children’s mom moves her household. The male objected to the woman’s dogs staying at the house too; threats and cussing followed, as did pushing. Prosecutor to rule.  

Tobacco Chewing Man

With apologies to the Marlboro Man: Did you know that Westlake has its own version of the Cigarette Smoking Man, except that he is a Tobacco Chewing Man?  He has been stealing chew from a Clemens Rd. gas station, as described in the March 30 blotter. Sometimes he would reportedly fill chew cans with dirt and return them.Well, he came back to the scene of the crimes on April 2 and was found to be a 40-year-old Brook Park man with an active warrant from his hometown PD. He was turned over to that department pending charges here. Asst. Dir. Walter Skinner was very pleased.

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