Westlake Nanny Hopeful Hoodwinked in Internet Fraud

Westlake Police logoA 23-year-old Detroit Rd. woman was hoodwinked via an Internet nanny job offer into depositing a bum check on April 8, report Westlake Police. The $2950 check was to be used to buy a $2300 wheelchair for the child she would be watching beginning in May 2015. Then the deal changed; she was to wire $400 and $1900 to a person in California on April 9. On April 13, the check bounced.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

On April 14, a Detroit Rd. woman divined that the late night hang-up calls she has been receiving since January were made by an ex-boyfriend. How did she determine this? Through numerology. The digits of the dates and times the calls were received add up to significant dates (or a date exactly 6 months from a significant date) for either herself or the ex. The male denied making any such calls. Only the tarot cards can tell what the future telephony will be.

Made for Each Other

A couple who have TPOs against each other were found together on April 15 at their Bassett Rd. home. Both were arrested for Violating a TPO.


A Detroit Rd. woman’s $444.00 green 16spd Trek 6000 bike was stolen from a common garage sometime April 11-13.

A Shaker Hts. woman set her phone down while patronizing a First St. business on the evening of April 14. She forgot about it; when she went back, it was gone.

A Marblehead man left his credit card out in his room at a Clemens Rd. motel on April 13. When he came back the next day, it was gone, as was the $700 cash he had locked in his room safe. He did not want to talk about the family member and friend that had visited him.

A student at the High School had her wallet taken from her car on April 15 during the school day. It contained $200 cash, $200 worth of gift cards, and a credit card. The car’s remote locking mechanism may have failed.

A 1998 Dodge minivan stolen from Cleveland was found behind a Detroit rd. business at 10:40PM on April 15. The ignition was damaged. CPD was notified and the vehicle impounded.

IRS Fraud

Tax return frauds: April 15 Grande Ct. couple (US) and Rustic Ln. man (US); April 16 Royal Woods Pl. couple (US).


A 40-year-old Westlake man was arrested for DCI on Queen Annes Gate at 2:39PM on April 16. He had been staggering around and could not give the officers his address or DOB.

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