Bay Village Mayor Sutherland Responds to Flood Concerns

Bay Village Mayor Debbie Sutherland has released the following statement in response to wide-spread flooding in the city after heavy rains Monday night.d_sutherland_1-10_261x365

Her comments:

After our intense rain event from yesterday morning, I wanted to provide you with the latest information on the City’s response, advise you on what homeowners need to do, and dispel rumors that are floating around.   Bay Village received between 2.8″ to 3.5″ of rain during about a two hour time period with saturated ground. This was an area-wide event, not just a Bay Village event. All neighboring communities also experienced flooding. The Rocky River Waste Treatment Plant ran at 20 million gallons per day over capacity which necessitates bypassing treatment and discharging directly into Lake Erie. This action prevents additional basement flooding from sanitary sewers.

Our response to 252 calls (4% of homes) are as follows:

*    The sewer crews will respond to each and every address.   Please be patient as we work through the list.

*    Five crews are picking up trash utilizing the big dump trucks and, in some cases, front end loaders. We hope to have everything picked up by Saturday as long as we don’t  have another event.

*    Several streets flooded. We will be jetting the catch basins on those streets with our flush truck to determine the cause at each location.

*     Our priority is to help residents identify why they flooded. It has been our experience that most reasons for flooding are private property issues. My basement flooded due to a clogged gutter which overflowed and ran down the foundation into my basement.

If your basement flooded, here’s what you can do:

*     Please call the Service Department at 440-871-1221 to  report your address.

*     It is best to wait until our sewer crews evaluate your home and determine exactly what the issue is. Call a plumber  if  so advised by our crews. The plumber will then have detailed and exact information on how to correct the problem.

*     Put any flood-damaged goods on the tree lawn asap and  we will pick them up.

*     Yard flooding can actually be good! It is acting as a natural retention basin allowing water to dissipate into the ground naturally rather than flowing into sewers and  potentially backing up into your basement.

There are several rumors floating around that are untrue:

*     The pump stations did not quit. However, high water alarms did go off…as expected and were closely  monitored by our personnel. We did have an issue at Walker/Walmar which was running at a very high volume of water due to the high water table and soil conditions in the area.

*     Since this was an Act of God event, approval of moral  claims by the City is highly unlikely unless direct liability can be determined. Check with your insurance company,  as this was a widespread, catastrophic event.

Other safety concerns during high rain/water events:

*     Parents: Do not let your kids raft in the high, rapidly-running creeks! During these events, the creeks are contaminated with e-coli and other potentially life-threatening bacteria, fertilizer and chemical runoff, and hidden objects like glass, sharp tree branches and other hazards under the water. In addition there are sewer drains and bridges that could cause currents that kids just can’t handle.

*     Avoid the area beaches for several days for the above reasons.

Hang in there and let’s all pray for some dry weather!



Mayor Debbie Sutherland

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