Mitigating Wet or Flooded Basements

Informational Brochure Available

Bob Kelly Westlake

Westlake City Engineer Bob Kelly

Heavy rains this week brought flooded and wet basements through many areas of the West Side.

Several years ago, the City of Westlake – in an effort to educate the community on strategies to combat basement flooding – compiled an informational brochure that helps residents understand the complex causes of basement flooding and arrive at a solution for their own homes.

Under the leadership of Mayor Dennis Clough and the expertise of City Engineer Robert Kelly, this brochure is an excellent  resource for those in any community who want to understand more about the causes and cures for water in the basement. Readers can learn how to protect against sanitary sewer back-ups and storm water infiltration, among other items of interest.

To access this brochure, click here.2011-Drainage_Basement_Flooding-WEB



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