Shih Tzu Killed in Avon Lake Dog Fight


The Avon Lake Police Department was dispatched to the area of Bridgeside Drive in response to a report of three dogs fighting the evening of Aug. 9.avon lake police

The three dogs involved had been were separated prior to police arrival. Two of the dogs were Pit-bull Terriers, and the third dog was a Shih Tzu, report Avon Lake Police.

The complainant states that as he was walking his Shih Tzu on Bridgeside Drive, two Pit-bull Terriers ran up to his pet and began attacking it without provocation. The complainant attempted to separate the dogs, but was unable to do so prior to the Shih Tzu succumbing to its wounds. The complainant was treated by Paramedics for the injuries received as he attempted to separate the animals.

The owner of the Pit-bull Terriers has been cited for (02) counts of Animal at Large, and the Avon Lake Prosecutor is pursuing provisions under Section 955.11 of the Ohio Revised Code to designate the Pit-bull Terriers as dangerous dogs.


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