The Huffman Clinic: How to Lose Weight

Dr. Ronald J. Sanker, DO

Dr. Ronald J. Sanker, DO

Weight loss is not always as simple as changing your diet and exercise habits. For millions of Americans, losing weight requires medical help. If you are one of those people, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not your fault. It is a medical issue just like any other medical issue. You should never feel ashamed about going to a professional for help.

Dr. Ronald Sanker is a weight loss specialist. Quiet and reassuring, Dr. Sanker knows that obesity is a rising medical concern in America. There are numerous health issues that come with being obese.

If you are overweight, your chances of experiencing heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, asthma, or sleep apnea greatly increase. It is just not healthy. Everyone knows that.

The thing that most people don’t know is that losing weight isn’t easy for everyone. For many people, medical weight loss programs are the only way they can lose weight.

If you live in the west shore area and you need a medical weight loss program you can trust, look no further than Huffman Clinic. Huffman Clinic and Dr. Sanker are dedicated to helping you lose weight and keep healthy. And they encourage you to remain that way.

“We start with a physical that includes an EKG and we see the patient every two weeks or each month,” says Dr. Sanker. “Walking is adequate for exercise and we help patients understand their diet. Pop is the greatest offender. 18 per cent of obese Americans will go on to develop diabetes.”

In his 50 years as a physician, Dr. Sanker has helped hundreds of weight loss patients, even some who needed follow up after bariatric surgery. “Just don’t deviate from your diet,” advises Dr. Sanker. “Understand how sugar and sweeteners trick your pancreas into producing insulin that makes you feel hungry again.”

Everyone on staff at Huffman Clinic is an expert when it comes to medical weight loss and tailoring the program for you. They know how to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. They know how hard it can be and know that medical weight loss is an important step in helping you get healthy.

The second you walk through their doors, you’ll feel at peace and ready to tackle any health issue you might have.

Dr. Sanker also specializes in General Practice, Facial Rejuvenation, Chelation Therapy and Alternative Medicine.

So, give Huffman Clinic a call at (440) 238-7100 or (440) 282-6181 and schedule your appointment today. Located at 16000 Pearl Road, Suite 19, Strongsville, OH.

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