Westlake BOE Implements ‘Last Best Offer’ to Teachers

The Westlake Board of Education voted on Monday June 13th to implement the “last best offer” made to the teachers union. W_westlake_CS
In a release, the BOE says:

After more than a year of negotiations with multiple proposals and options going back and forth, it is obvious that we have come to an ultimate impasse.  In that full year, the teachers union did not present us with a viable option, considering our financial reality.  After 3 failed levies, we must curb our deficit spending.

Current financial forecasts show us going into the negative in 2019. That forecast is very conservative and represents “worst case scenarios” as sound financial planning dictates.  The forecast currently assumes increases for teachers- but it also continues deficit spending.

Our last best offer when inserted into the financial projections, would stop deficit spending and extend the amount of time that we would have to return to taxpayers for a levy.  It includes raises EVERY year for teachers.

The union’s counterproposal exceeds the amount of spending we have projected by 28% or $1 million which not only continues deficit spending, but accelerates it. Under their proposal, we would have to be on the ballot in 2 years with an operating levy.

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