Westlake Teachers Offer Counter Proposal to ‘Last Best Offer’

Westlake teachers have offered a counter proposal to the Last Best Offer that the Westlake Board of Education may vote to implement at tonight’s 6 p.m. meet at the Parkside administration building.W_westlake_CS

According to a source, the Westlake teachers are offering to accept additional cuts to their healthcare benefits and a 1 per cent pay increase to be spread over three years. Other issues like class sizes and teacher planning time are central to the counter proposal.

Here is a letter being circulated by a Westlake teacher summarizing the counter proposal:

The teachers gave the board a counterproposal to their last best offer. In our counterproposal we are asking for very little.

We are asking for:

— contract language to protect our class sizes (which is in the best interest of our students)

— contract language to protect our current planning time (Teachers need planning time to create engaging lessons, grade papers, communicate with parents, and work with colleagues.)

— less than a 1% raise per year spread over 3 years and steps on the salary schedule

It is a fact that in our counterproposal we have taken more cuts to our healthcare.

It is a fact that in our district’s proposed budgets, they have already accounted for teachers’ step increases. Giving teachers their steps would not be taking additional funds from the proposed budgets.

It is a fact that the difference between the board’s last best offer and our counterproposal is only $500,000.

In comparison, it is a fact that the district spends $300,000 per year on the IB program.

The school district is paying their lawyer $275.00 per hour. The board’s lawyer has advised that implementing is not the best action to take. The board members are planning to go against what their lawyer is advising.

How you can help:

1. Please put a “We support Westlake Teachers” sign in your yard. If you are willing to do this, please email your address to me and I will get you a sign.

2. Please come to the school board meeting on Monday, June 13 at 6:00 PM at Westlake High School PAC. Please consider speaking to the board at the beginning of the meeting during the hearing from the public portion of the meeting.

3. Talk to other parents and community members you know. Please share the facts and information I have provided in this email.

4. Please consider contacting a school board member to share your views and ask them not to implement the last best offer.

I want to thank you for your support. It is not too late. If we act now and work together we can try to get the board to reconsider implementing the last best offer. The last thing we want is to go on strike. Please consider helping. We don’t want to have to go on strike.

Thank you,
A Devastated Westlake Teacher

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