Woman Mauled, Pet Dog Killed in Fairview Park Pitbull Attack

Fairview Park Police were called to the 22100 block of Macbeth Ave. on a report that two pit bull-type dogs attacked a woman and her dog, killing the pet, on June 13 at 1753 hours.

Upon arrival, officers found the toy poodle/cocker spaniel mix dog was indeed deceased, having been mauled by the two other dogs.POLICE_Fairview Park_Disclaimer

The victim stated she was walking her dog on the other side of the street when the two other dogs burst through the gate and charged towards her and her dog. She grabbed her dog to protect it but the other dogs jumped and ripped open her dog’s flesh.

As the woman continued trying to protect her dog, she was bitten in the arm and then knocked to the ground.

The other two dogs then grabbed the smaller dog and mutilated it, killing it in the process.

The victim was taken to Fairview Hospital by her husband and the attacking dogs were placed under quarantine. The dogs were being cared for by a third party while the owners were out of town.

All results of the investigation will go to the City Prosecutor for review of possible charges.Joseph Burke Law_WEB4http://http;//www.jtburkelaw.com


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