My Personal Trainer: From Wheelchair to Recovery

6-30-16 MY PERSONAL TRAINER Kathy YatesKathy Yates, a 56 year old who had two brain aneurisms, a seizure and a stroke, left the hospital wheelchair bound with very little hopes of recovery.  She was put into a nursing home to further extend the physical therapy and recalls the constant agony and tears as she would try to stand and take a step, but fail.  After months of rehabilitation and very little improvement Kathy was sent home due to insurance limitations. After two years of ongoing outpatient therapy, Kathy was able to move around with medical assistive devices. Prior to these tragic events, she was a very active woman who worked a lot, loved to travel, and always participated in some form of exercise. Prolonged time in a wheelchair with very limited mobility had left her in a body she barely recognized. Weight gain, muscle stiffness, and overall weakness had taken over.

My Personal Trainer Logo_RGB“My body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do, and I finally knew what it meant to hear someone say, your health is everything. I wanted to start an exercise program but was cautious. I didn’t know if anywhere would let me workout and I certainly didn’t want to further injure myself. I made an appointment at My Personal Trainer and after being inside their studio for only a short while, I felt comfortable and in good hands of knowledgeable people. I love that they have you schedule appointments, there is never any waiting and it keeps me accountable. When I first began the program I was unable to raise my own legs onto the machines so the trainers would assist me. They never looked at my limitations as problems and were always so encouraging! They express a real concern about your health and the results you obtain with them. MPT is able to push me in ways I would never be able to push myself and I really appreciate that.  Not only have I gained strength and flexibility, but I’ve regained control of my life and I’m able to walk completely on my own! No more help needed! I want people to know that My Personal Trainer is so much more than just a weight loss facility. The benefits of their strength training program have improved my health, flexibility, strength, and endurance. I hope that by sharing my story I can inspire someone else to never give up.” (440) 808-0000.


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