Symphony at Olmsted Falls: Everyone Greets Everyone

6-30-16 SYMPHONY AT OLMSTED FALLS PIC-1Symphony at Olmsted Falls and Symphony at Mentor are owned by Compass Pointe Healthcare System where we live and breathe the motto – EVERYONE GREETS EVERYONE. Step into any one of the residences, facilities or the hospitals we work with, and you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and a friendly face. We find energy, live with positive attitudes, and have fun while caring for people.

Compass Pointe Healthcare Systems provides support services to a network of 29 Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences and 27 Skilled Nursing Facilities across the United States.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, our company proudly serves more than 20,000 seniors daily. We are passionate about providing great care and love what we do!

Symphony at Olmsted and Symphony at Mentor are assisted living facilities that specialize in Memory Care. Our Social Programming is characterized by the Beacon Place. The Beacon Place program focuses on five unique components that serve as our guide, light, and inspiration through the day to day journey of memory loss: physical wellness, social well-being, spirituality, supportive community, and engagement.

Each area of focus plays an integral role in addressing the needs of the residents, caregivers, and families within the community. These multifaceted components allow us the flexibility to meet individualized needs and to personalize our program while providing a nurturing environment. Individualized care plans and day to day programming is what sets Symphony at Olmsted Falls and Symphony at Mentor apart from other assisted living facilities…because everyone deserves great care!


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