WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerWestlake Speeder Threatens Officer

A 31-year old resident of Hilliard Oaks Drive in Westlake had quite a night on June 6 when he was stopped for speeding and then threatened to have the patrolman’s “Badge on the Mayor’s desk.”

When that didn’t work, the man retreated to his home where, in the best tradition of Lon Chaney in the film classic, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” he claimed sanctuary.

That didn’t work, either, so the man used a more direct approach and purported to call the city law director and other government officials in order to have the patrolman’s “Badge on the Mayor’s desk.”

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4The line must have been busy because the man was cited for Speed and the officer is still employed.

Adding to the drama, the man’s 61-year old father was a passenger and added to the drama by waving a plumbing fixture around and also claiming sanctuary for his son, declaring what an important person his son was.

This was no time for consensus-building, so Dad was told to cooperate by the son. The City Prosecutor will consider an Obstructing Official Business against him.

Terror at Westlake Apartment

Terror struck the hearts of residents at Westown Apartments in Westlake on June 18 at 11:25 p.m. when a 30 year-old Cleveland man broke into his former girlfriend’s apartment and assaulted her current boyfriend, a 43-year old Parma man.

Westlake Police report that Thomas EADDIE of Cleveland broke into his former girlfriend’s (and mother of his 3 children’s) Westown Blvd. apartment through the hallway door on June 18 at 11:25 p.m. and assaulted her new boyfriend (43 yoa Parma man). The victim declined medical treatment for bruises and abrasions; EADDIE fled the scene. Charges of Agg. Burglary, Fel. Assault, and DV were pending.

On June 20 at 2:49 a.m., EADDIE came back and broke into the apartment again, this time through the patio slider. He was arrested inside the unoccupied apartment and faces additional charges of Burglary and Possession of Criminal Tools. The occupants were staying elsewhere due to fear of EADDIE.

9-11 calls to Westlake Police capture the horror of the scene. “There’s a fight taking place right now,” said one of several callers to police. “There are five possible kidnappings. I am going to hang up because this is anonymous. I am inside my condominium and there is a lot of screaming outside.”

He has been bound over the Grand Jury on $100,000 bond and will be transferred to the County jail.

Faithful Fido Saves Owner

Faithful Fido’s barking at 12:11 a.m. on June 20 in Westlake may have annoyed a neighbor, but it also led to the rescue of a 66 year old Bobby Lane woman on June 20. Her dogs were creating a ruckus, the officer sent to check on it found the woman insensible on the floor of her home after hearing her call for help and forcing the door. She was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD for a head injury. A family member was contacted to secure the residence and maybe give the pooches a biscuit. Alcohol use may have been a factor.

‘And Away We Go….’

Somebody went to town on a Hilliard Blvd. man’s credit card. It was used 10 times in May in “the sun and fun capital of the world” (per entertainer Jackie Gleason) at $100 a pop. He reported the fraud on June 17 after reviewing his statement. As Gleason also used to say on his weekly TV show, “And away we gooo….”

Break-in Spree

7 vehicles were rifled through, broken into, or damaged on Westford Cr. on the night of June 21. A resident reported that his truck had been gone through with nothing taken. Officers checked the area and left notes on the vehicles which appeared to have been tampered with. Credit cards, a rack for a kayak (value $1000), backpack, $500 laptop, 4 tires and wheels from a 2009 Honda Civic, and clothing were stolen. An unsuccessful attempt was made to steal a bike rack off a 2014 VW GTI.

Caddyshack Caper

A Wyndgate Dr. man’s 2015 Nissan Altima was taken for the wrong kind of drive on the Meadowood (not Bushwood) golf course on the night of June 19. An employee (not Carl Spackler) found it parked there after it was used to turf the 9th green. After WPD towed it, the owner (not Al Czervik) was contacted; he stated his 33yoa had been using it. The son said his 33yoa girlfriend had been driving it. She said two other dudes had been driving it. Finally, one of them (28yoa Westlake man and not Spaulding Smails) admitted he had been the driver. The prosecutor will rule on potential Criminal Damage charges. Judge Elihu Smails has recused himself from hearing the case, should one go forward. “Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice,” said Smails.

Some Story!

A Roanoke Way woman had water put in the gas tank of her 2013 Ford Edge by an ex-beau on June 18. That 49 year old Westlake man is not taking their breakup well and claimed he watered her gasoline to keep her from driving drunk. Prosecutor to rule on Criminal Damaging.

POLICE_Bay Village_DisclaimerBugged

A Bay Village man’s 2007 Saturn Vue was stolen from a Westford Cr. home on June 20. His 16 year old daughter snuck out of a sleepover and paid a visit to a male resident there. His cousins took the keys and car, then returned it (with a trunk full of cockroaches) after WPD got involved. On June 21, the cousins were arrested at the same residence. A 20 year old Cleveland man was charged with GTA and a 21 year old Cleveland man with Obstructing Justice for giving false ID about the 20 year old.

Casino Bet Goes Wrong in Roommate Roulette

Roommate roulette went wrong for a Bay Village resident who took a chance on someone at the Casino. Bay Village Police report that on June 26 at 0723 hrs, a resident in the 27000 block of Knickerbocker reported that several weeks ago she met a female at the Casino. The female needed somewhere to stay, so the resident let her move in for two weeks. The resident just realized that things had come up missing from her residence, and there was an unauthorized charge on her credit card. A report was filed and police are investigating.

POLICE_Fairview Park_DisclaimerWoman Mauled, Pet Dog Killed in Pitbull Attack

Fairview Park Police were called to the 22100 block of Macbeth Ave. on a report that two pit bull-type dogs attacked a woman and her dog, killing the pet, on June 13 at 1753 hours.

Upon arrival, officers found the toy poodle/cocker spaniel mix dog was indeed deceased, having been mauled by the two other dogs.

The victim stated she was walking her dog on the other side of the street when the two other dogs burst through the gate and charged towards her and her dog. She grabbed her dog to protect it but the other dogs jumped and ripped open her dog’s flesh.

As the woman continued trying to protect her dog, she was bitten in the arm and then knocked to the ground.

The other two dogs then grabbed the smaller dog and mutilated it, killing it in the process.

The victim was taken to Fairview Hospital by her husband and the attacking dogs were placed under quarantine. The dogs were being cared for by a third party while the owners were out of town.

Rocky River Priest Assaulted

POLICE_Rocky River_Disclaimerpriest-assault-suspectA Rocky River Priest who was assaulted at St. Christopher Catholic Church last week told a 911 dispatcher that he had “Never done confession with a gun pointing at me” before the incident on June 11. Rocky River police are searching for suspect. The suspect reportedly asked the priest to hear his confession late afternoon Saturday, June 11, when the man pulled out a handgun and assaulted the priest during the confession. The suspect fled before police could apprehend him. The man is described to be in his late 20’s, with pale skin and jet black (probably dyed), shoulder-length hair. He was wearing black skinny jeans, black canvas shoes with white trim and had a silver hoop piercing in one of his nostrils.

He also has a tattoo, on the inside of his left forearm, in the shape of a cross. The clergyman was treated and released from an area hospital.

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