Westlake Police: Man Falls for IRS Scam


A 21 year old Cornerstone Drive man fell prey to the phony IRS arrest warrant scam on July 5, report Westlake Police.

Following the caller’s instructions, the victim bought a $400 ITunes gift card and gave the number to the suspect.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

The caller then sent the victim to Rocky River Municipal Court, where the victim then realized he had been scammed.

Credit Card Abuse at Crocker Park

A 21 year old Michigan man was arrested on July 6 for RSP, Misuse of Credit Cards, Tampering with Evidence, and Criminal Simulation. He was part of a group whose attempts to make credit card purchases were repeatedly declined at Vine St. and Crocker Pk. Blvd. stores. When spotted inside a vehicle, receipts and partially burned counterfeit credit cards were also found.

Family Feud

A 17 yoa boy called in sick to work on July 1, then lied to his 51 yoa dad about it. Mom and dad also found his drug paraphernalia at their Radcliffe Dr. home and confronted him. He threatened to hit his pop, punched a hole in the wall, and then bicycled off. When he returned he was arrested for DV, Criminal Damaging, POM, Drug Paraphernalia and was taken to the DH.

Retire Account Seige

A Queens Ct. man found his retirement funds under siege on July 1. There were multiple attempts made to access the account; none were successful. His financial advisor alerted him to the fraud.

Stolen Caddy

A 2015 Cadillac Escalade with the keys in it was stolen from a Stonehedge Dr. home on July 1. The onboard tracking system located it on Cleveland’s West Side, where Cleveland PD and the State Highway Patrol were also on the scene when WPD arrived.

Fleeing the Scene

A 26yoa Westlake hit a mailbox and a crosswalk sign on Westwood Rd. on July 2, then fled the scene. Debris from his 2016 Toyota 4Runnner left at the crash scene matched his badly damaged SUV that was parked at his home. He was arrested for Hit Skip, Failure to Control, and DCI.

Active Warrants

An officer on patrol checked the license plate of a 40yoa North Olmsted man at a Center Ridge Rd. business on July 2 and found that he had a number of active arrest warrants. His 38yoa female companion from North Royalton misidentified herself twice to officers, netting her an arrest for that offense. She also had an outstanding warrant.

Jewelry Missing

$6000 worth of jewelry was reported missing from a Strawberry Ln. home on July 3. The residents suspect a guest from a party they held two weeks previously may be involved.

Domestic Violence

A 42yoa Adelaide Ct. woman was arrested for DV on July 4. She had argued with her 24yoa son over his not working on the holiday and scratched him when things got physical.

Post Fireworks fireworks

Post-fireworks fireworks in the parking lot of Hilliard Elementary school on July 4 left a 16yoa Parma boy with a chance to reflect on his conduct in Juv. Ct. After a traffic altercation involving relatives and another carload of people, he was found to have pot and whiskey in his vehicle. He and his parents will have to address his POM and Underage Possession charges.

Drunk and Disorderly

Two intoxicated 26yoa men (of Cleveland and Baltimore) were upset that a Center Ridge Rd. gas station was closed on July 5. They tried to pick a fight with another group of would-be shoppers, then left on foot. The inebriates were found prostrate in a yard down the street and arrested for DCI.

Unlocked Car theft  

A Sperrys Forge Trl. woman had her wallet stolen from her unlocked car on May 31. She forgot to cancel one of her credit cards; the bill came on July 5 and had $327 worth of illicit charges on it.

GPS Finds Car

The GPS on a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe led officers to a West. 170th St home on July 6. It had been stolen earlier that date from a Detroit Rd. car dealer. Bystanders pointed out a 35yoa Cleveland man as the suspect; he was arrested for RSP and Drug Possession.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

A suspect stole a $45 item from a Detroit Rd. store on July 6. He had earlier paid for a legit purchase with a credit card; staff are trying to ID that transaction.

A handyman is the suspect in the theft of a Cahoon Rd. man’s $2800 watch. It disappeared on July 6 whilst the victim had his deck power-washed. The suspect denies cleaning out the victim’s jewelry box.

A Wilderness Trl. woman’s unlocked 2015 Jeep Wrangler had $50 cash and a gift card taken on the night of July 6.

Two people acting like they were on drugs aroused the suspicions of staff at a Clague Rd. medical office building on July 7. A 21yoa Seven Hills woman was found to have an active warrant and was arrested.

Two males were prowling around a Hilliard Blvd. home and the cars parked there on July 8. Two window screens were tampered with; no entry was gained. A cellphone possibly dropped by a suspect was recovered.     

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