Trespass Suspect Held at Gunpoint in Westlake

A 29 year old Westlake man was seen rummaging through cars at a Bryandale Drive home on Sept. 9 when a 23 year old male resident caught him and held him at gunpoint until officers arrived.

The resident struck the suspect with a handgun during the confrontation, report Westlake Police.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

The suspect received 4 stitches for a laceration before being jailed for Trespass, Theft, POM, and Drug Paraphernalia (pot pipe). He took sunglasses, headphones, and cash, report Police.

Serial Masquerade

14 bank or credit accounts were opened using a Lincoln Rd. man’s identity on May 31-June 1. All were subsequently closed as frauds. He reported the serial masquerades on Sept. 15. He is not out any money.

Grudge Vandal

The rear window of a Pineview Dr. man’s 2000 Honda minivan was broken out on Sept. 10. This was the fourth time in 6 years. The suspect turned out to be a 28yoa North Olmsted man whose father had a court case with the victim. The suspect admitted that he broke the window this time and three times previously. He was arrested for Criminal Damage.

Dating Game Mismatch

The second date fostered by an online multi-year relationship ended badly for an intoxicated 33yoa Pepper Pike man. He was arrested for DCI after damaging the fixtures in a Clemens Rd. hotel room and scaring his heretofore virtual love interest (32yoa Cleveland woman).


A 55 year old Westlake woman female suspect ran her own version of BOGO at a Detroit Rd. store. Staff suspected that she would steal a bottle of liquor each time she bought one. The latest incident took place on Sept. 11. Staff will henceforth refuse her business. Charges are pending.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

-An East Crossing Pkwy. man’s Aug. rent check was intercepted in the mail, made payable to an individual, and cashed. The forgery was reported on Sept. 9.

-An intoxicated 22yoa Aurora man passed out on a Detroit Rd. treelawn on Sept. 10. A worker in a nearby office building called WPD to report the layabout, who was arrested for DCI.

-A 26yoa Westlake man staggered into the roadway on Center Ridge Rd. on Sept. 10 as a police officer was passing by. He was arrested for DCI.

-A counterfeit $20 bill was passed at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Sept. 11. An employee got the license number of the suspect; when contacted, the 19yoa Lorain man stated that he received it in change from a purchase earlier that date. Info to the Secret Service.

-Two rims were stolen off of a 2009 Ford van on the night of Sept. 11. The vehicle belongs to a Clemens Rd. hotel.

-A 61yoa Lorain man has been receiving threatening notes at his Columbia Rd. workplace, most recently on Sept. 12. The notes also express religious hatred for the victim. He suspects juvenile patrons of his workplace. He also has gotten emails and texts of the same nature at his Lorain home.

-A North Olmsted man’s 2010 Kia Rio had the windshield shattered on Sept. 10. He suspects a pellet gun was used by an unseen person while he was stopped at the intersection of Hilliard Blvd and Crocker Rd. He reported the damage on Sept. 13.

-Two Cedarwood Dr. men (57 and 75yoa) who are neighbors had a confrontation on Sept. 13. The younger man says the other scratched the paint on his 2015 Ford Explorer. The older man say the younger threatened him and grabbed his shoulder outside the older man’s residence.

-2 tarpaulins worth $600 total were taken off a truck and trailer on the night of Sept. 13. The vehicles were parked at a Bassett Rd. business.

-Staff at a Detroit Rd. store caught a 65yoa Westlake woman stealing $26 worth of merchandise on Sept. 14. She tried to leave after paying for two other items.Joseph Burke Law_WEB4


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