Letter to the Editor: Bay Village Property Tax is Unconstitutional and Unfair


In 1802, the Ohio Constitution stated that all students in the State should receive an education which would give them equal participation in Government supported Schools. This was for all students whether they were rich, poor or middle class.

101316-votenobayAt the Constitutional State Convention of 1850, which obligated the State to become responsible for the schools with the delivery of the school programs by each District in the State and supported by public funds. The first schools were supported by a three cent sales tax with the State paying all costs not covered by the sales tax.

Four times since then, the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the funding of the schools unconstitutional and unfair, since the majority of the funding has been placed on the backs of the property owners. This ruling was justified for many reasons, one being the renters paid nothing but still had a voice, and all schools in the State were not equally or adequately funded.

Over the years the funding of the schools was supported by a State sales tax, employment tax and a corporate tax, up until recent years when the taxing system became reliant on the property owners. Corporate tax for the schools was canceled in the 1990s. Sales tax became non existent and used to build Sports Arenas and employment tax only existed in some school districts.

The Political Action Committee, People Against Property Abuse, Phil VanDrasik, Treasurer, would like to see the State take over the funding of the schools and give some relief to the property owners. This can be done with an employment tax, a sales tax or a corporate tax. The corporations receive a great benefit from the State education system and should pay their fair share.

Until the citizen of this State stop voting for the ever increasing property taxes to pay for the schools nothing will change. Please contact your State legislators to change the unconstitutional and unfair tax system for school funding, until then, just vote NO on the next property tax increase.

For the detailed history of the Ohio State taxing system go to The Ohio Coalition for Equality and Adequacy of School Funding at ohiocoalition.org.

– Phil VanDrasik, Bay Village

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