Another Bay Senior Scammed by “Grandson is in Jail” Hoax

Another Bay Village senior citizen has fallen victim to the “Grandson is in Jail” hoax.Bay Village Police_FEAT

The 88-year old Osborn Road man is out $4500 after falling prey to this cruel ploy.

The elderly man went to the Bay Police station on Oct. 22 at 0925 hrs to report he was a victim of the “grandson is in jail” scam.

He had received a call from a person he believed to be his grandson. The “grandson” said he needed money because he was in the Akron City Jail after being arrested for an accident/OVI. The victim went to the Target store in Avon where he purchased $4,500 in gift cards. He then called a phone number he had been told to call and gave the gift card numbers.

A report was taken.

Earlier this month, an Eagle Cliff woman was scammed for $3500 in a similar hoax, police reported last week.


On 10/20/2016, at 0118 hrs, an officer on routine patrol found a vehicle stopped in the middle of Lake Road at Park Drive. The driver, a 37 year-old female from Sheffield Lake, was passed out behind the wheel. She was transported to St. John Medical Center. After her release from the hospital, the female was returned to the Bay Village Police Department where she was booked and then released on bond for OVI.

On 10/20/2016, at 2349 hrs, an officer stopped a vehicle on Edinborough Drive, south of Queenswood Drive. After failing field sobriety tests the 43 year-old Bay Village resident was arrested for OVI. He was processed at the station and released on bond.

Car Gone

On 10/20/2016, at 0729 hrs, a visitor at a residence on Knickerbocker Road near Upland Road discovered that overnight his rental car, which he had left unlocked with the keys inside, had been taken from the driveway. A report was taken. Additionally several other residents in the general vicinity reported their unlocked vehicles had been entered overnight.


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