102 WHS Students Named AP Scholars

One-hundred two current and former Westlake High School students were named AP Scholars in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Exams.

Only about 13 percent of the more than 840,000 students in 13,680 schools who took AP Exams in May performed at a sufficiently high level to merit such recognition. Students take AP exams in May after completing challenging college-level courses at their high schools. The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on the number of yearlong courses and exams.

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Fourteen students earned National AP Scholar awards for earning an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more exams. They are: John Bogart • Mingda Chen • Margaret Guilfoyle • Alex Ikezawa • Bradley Katcher • Simran Khosla • Rachel Kim • Taeho Kim • Yan Kwok • Alexander Lathem • Jackson Routhier • Harleen Shergill • Catherine Tsuei • Ryan Zubricky

Thirty-nine students earned AP Scholar with Distinction awards for earning an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more exams. They are: Michelle Appel • John Bogart • Mingda Chen • Michael Corrigan • Anna Craven • Nicole Davies • Kenan Dinchman • Emma Franklin • Leah Franklin • Margaret Guilfoyle • Madison Henkelman • Nathaniel Hofford • Taylor Hood • Jessica Hook • Carter Hoon • Samantha Horowitz • Alex Ikezawa • Bradley Katcher • Farrah Kharche • Simron Khosla • Rachel Kim • Taeho Kim • Austin Kinney • Jacob Kraft • Justin Krantz • Yan Kwok • Alexander Lathem • Catherine Lew • Hong Liang • Alexis Mance • Maahi Mistry • Sneha Ramachandran • Jackson Routhier • Harleen Shergill • Allyson Simon • Adeline Steffen • Catherine Tsuei • Kyle Wong • Ryan Zubricky

Sixteen students earned AP Scholars with Honors awards for scoring an average of 3.25 on all exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more exams. They are: Maya Bauer • Thomas Bowles • Kaylee Carson • Dante Della Vella • Riya Desai • Elise Kennedy • Nicole Korczak • Jeremy Mccabe • Nick Moracz • Katerina Packis • Natalie Samenuk • Christopher Slater • Emily Spinelli • Benjamin Sposet • Emma Steinman • David Wanhainen

Thirty-three current students and recent graduates qualified for the AP Scholar Award by earning an average grade of at least 3 on three or more AP exams. They are: Margaret Behan • Cory Carmichael • Leah Choban • Nicole Cusick • Nicholas DiGiulio • Madeline Dornan • Rebecca Essig • Benjamin Gallagher • Ryan Hooper • Matthew Horn • Austin Huang • Aris Jhaveri • Ryan Karpuszka • Rama Kilani • Tricia King • Avi Kirpekar • George Lawrence • Heesoo Lee • Katie Liggett • Anna Parchem • Gregory Phillips • Ian Pinkas • Eric Prescott • Rebecca Prexta • Gabriel Rapaport • Anna Renkel • Mark Sargent • Emily Schordock • Alexis Sole • Rachel Stanco • Carson Tinline • Kyle Yu • Quianhang Yu

Most of the nation’s colleges and universities award credit, advanced placement or both based on successful performance on the AP exams. More than 1,400 institutions award a full year’s credit to students presenting a sufficient number of qualifying grades. There are 35 AP exams offered in 19 subject areas, each consisting of multiple-choice and free-response (essay or problem-solving) questions, except for the Studio Art exam, which evaluates students’ original artwork.

Westlake offers 17 AP classes in Art History, Studio Art, English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History, U.S. Politics and Government, U.S. History, Art History, and French, German, Latin & Spanish languages.

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