WHS Launches Peer Tutoring Program

peertutotrs-1Every day at Westlake High School, more than 50 peer tutors are available before school and throughout the school day to offer peer tutoring services to their classmates.

The initiative recently launched when WHS senior Carter Hoon took the lead in recruiting fellow students, along with Assistant Principal Bridget Elias and science teachers Jon Cuomo and John Packis. Peer tutors earn service earning hours for helping fellow students with homework and studying.

Senior CJ Tinline said he remembers making the transition from 8th grade to the high school and realizing his teachers expected more and wishing someone was there to help him. He sees the peer tutoring program as an opportunity to give that help.

Peer tutoring is available to all grade levels and all subjects. Students can come to the high school media center during study halls or free time any day and peer tutors will be available.

For more information contact WHS Assistant Principal Bridget Elias at eliasb@wlake.org.

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